5 Best WordPress Plugins


5 Best WordPress Plugins for Basic Site Functions

Do you want an easier time managing the posts on your WordPress website? How about fixing bugs with your images? FixRunner.com has selected 5 best WordPress plugins for certain functions. They’re free, too.

Taking a basic plugin and customizing it can take your website’s functionality to a brand new level. But selecting the wrong plugin can cause more problems than it is worth. We have selected some of the best WordPress plugins for Beginners that want to improve the functionality of key aspects of their website. Sign up to our free newsletter to learn more about how to maximize your WordPress website’s possibilities.

Here is a selection of the 5 best WordPress plugins for common functions:

Best Plugin for Managing Posts: Ideas

If you want to:
Get help organizing your thoughts and ideas for new posts have access to all of your ideas in once convenient place within WordPress.

You need:

An ideas management platform plugin, like Ideas because:

  • It helps you to type down ideas where you save posts so that you can view them in WordPress admin panel.
  • It’s very simple to us
  • It’s free
  • It is easy to learn

Ideas - 5 best wordpress plugins

Best WordPress Plugin for Images & Media: Slideshow Gallery

If you want to:
Save time managing images and avoiding bugs in your media. Although it is reasonably easy to upload and arrange images and media in WordPress, a plugin makes it so simple. This is a great addition for a WordPress website that is very media-heavy, including lots of images.
You need:
Slideshow Gallery, which is a free plugin that will help you to:

  • Manage your images more efficiently
  • Customize your new post Admin page so that you can arrange your image galleries according to your own preferences.
  • Avoid common bugs associated with images and media that are manually arranged.

Slideshow Gallery - 5 best wordpress plugins

Best WordPress Plugin for SEO: FV Simpler SEO

If you want to:
Automatically optimize your WordPress website with some of the fundamental tweaks for SEO so that you page receives better search engine rankings.
You need:
A simple SEO plugin such as FV Simpler SEO, because:

  • It is free
  • It shows a featured summary of optmizations made to each post on every page
  • It shows a sample of how your page will appear in a Google search
  • It is an alternative to the very popular but commercial All-In-One SEO Pack and Yoast WordPress SEO.

Best Plugin for SEO - 5 best wordpress plugins

Best WordPress Plugin for Feedback for your site: Simple Basic Contact Form

If you want to:
Hear what your visitors and readers have to say about your site through a contact form.
You need:

A website feedback plugin such as Simple Basic Contact Form because:

  • It is one of the easiest to use
  • Perfect for WordPress Beginners
  • Gets the basics done without overwhelming the user
  • Can be customized
  • Is a simpler version of Contact Form 7

Simple Basic Contact Form - 5 best wordpress plugins

Best WordPress Plugin for Security: iThemes Security

If you want to:
Further enhance your WordPress security beyond the basic level. WordPress is pretty secure by itself, but it can never hurt to add an extra level of security.
You need:
iThemes Security, which is a free and very robust WordPress security plugin. It allows for:

  • Customization of the admin page
  • Changes in the wp-content path
  • New database prefixes
  • Masking of HTML sources
  • An impressive range of functionality

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