How to Add Media to Your WordPress Blog or Website

Uploading media to your WordPress website or blog is so simple with WordPress. Watch our video guide to see just how easy it can be!

What to know about uploading media in WordPress

Did you know that you can upload all kinds of media to your WordPress website? Perhaps you want to include a video guide, news report or photo to compliment an article on your site? It’s all possible! There is a handy drag-and-drop function within the Media category on your WordPress Left Hand Sidebar that lets you simply select the videos or images you want to feature on your site, and drop them right into the page. Need to re-size the image first? No problem – the function also allows for edits so you can have your files looking just right.

Also, if you have a media item located in one of your sites, and you want to use this item in your WordPress site, you do not need to upload it. WordPress allows you add media from url, so all you need to do is get the url of the media item, select the “Insert from url” option in the insert pane, and paste the url.

Besides uploading single media items, you can also create image galleries, or add audio or video playlists.

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