How to Add New Pages to your WordPress Blog or Website

If you need to learn how to create new pages in WordPress, you’ve come to the right place. Watch this video tutorial to quickly find out how to create pages and add content to your website.

How to create new pages in WordPress

If you prefer to read the steps, here’s how to create new pages in WordPress.

In your dashboard, go to Pages > Add New.

Enter a name for your page in the title input box. Ensure you choose an appropriate title since this will be seen in search engines, social sites, etc, and can determine if people click to read your page.

In the text editor, type in or paste your content. You may also want to add images, videos, and links.

To see what your page would look like, click Preview in the publish box.

If you would like to save your content to continue editing it at a later time, click Save Draft.

When you are done with the text and other content and are happy with the preview, you can click Publish to make your page available to the general public.

WordPress tip

Always enrich your pages with images, links, and possibly videos. Aside from make the experience better for readers, these kinds of content, when properly formatted, can improve the SEO of your pages.

Also, make it a practice to properly categorize your pages.

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