How to Create and Add New Posts in Your WordPress Site

Learn how to create new posts in WordPress websites or blogs with the help of our video guide. Master the steps involved in writing, adding media, and publishing posts in WordPress.

How to create new posts in WordPress

If you prefer to read the steps, here’s how to create new posts in WordPress.

In your dashboard, go to Posts > Add New.

Enter a name for your post in the title input box. Ensure you choose an appropriate title since this will be seen in search engines, social sites, etc, and can determine if people click to read your post.

In the text editor, type in or paste your content. You may also want to add images, videos, and links.

To see what your post would look like, click Preview in the publish box.

If you would like to save your content to continue editing it at a later time, click Save Draft.

When you are done with the text and other content and are happy with the preview, you can click Publish to make your post available to the general public.

WordPress tip

Did you know you can use Tags to add keywords to your WordPress website? These will aid your readers in finding relevant content they are looking for. Adding a new page or post to your WordPress blog can be done in a couple of simple clicks. Going to the Posts section of your sidebar in the WordPress Dashboard reveals the handy Add New button, which allows you to create a new post. You can also categorize your content so that users can find them easily.