How to Access and Use the Admin Bar in WordPress

The Admin Bar in WordPress lets authorized admin personnel control many aspects of their site, such as monitoring comments, adding users and creating new posts. Watch the video below to learn how to use this feature.

How to use the Admin Bar in WordPress

Here’s a summary of what is covered in the video.

The admin bar in WordPress appears at the very top of the page and is visible to any user who is logged in. It provides the following menus and functions (from left to right).

  1. WordPress (the WP logo): From here, you can get information about WordPress, access forums and documentations, etc.
  2. My Sites: If you have multiple sites in your WordPress install, this would give you a menu option to manage each site.
  3. Current Site (shows site name): This gives you menu options to manage various aspects of your current site.
  4. Comments Notification: This shows you the number of pending comments that need your attention. Clicking on it takes you to the comments page.
  5. New: With this option, you can quickly create posts, pages, and other content.
  6. Profile(shows your name): You can edit your profile or logout from this option.
  7. Search Icon: allows you search for posts or pages.

WordPress tip

Did you know that if you are logged in as Admin, you can create usernames and generate WordPress passwords for others to access the Admin Panel? For example, you might want to create login credentials for your content management team or your web design team. This allows for all users to have editing privileges so that they can approve comments, create new posts or add media. You can delegate the level of access that you want for each user, so that only those tasks you wish them to carry out are accessible with their login credentials.