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WordPress Search Plugin

Live search is an important feature every functional website ought to have. And for a couple of reasons: First, it helps improve the user experience. Web users should not have to go from page to page looking for an item or product. They should rather use your site’s search functionality to find what they are […]

Cheap WordPress Hosting

Which WordPress hosting company is best for me? Where can I get cheap WordPress hosting? The above questions can be hard to crack sometimes. It is even harder when you are on a shoestring budget. Myriads of hosting providers are in existence today, and they all have different (usually high) price tags. However, you shouldn’t […]

MySQL Server Has Gone Away Error

One reason why WordPress works so effectively is that it is powered by a MySQL database technology in the background. MySQL database works as a storage engine for your site settings, posts, pages, comments, and other content. Should something go wrong with that database, your server will throw up an error message. Are you currently […]

Video Hosting

Are you concerned about creating more videos and choosing the right video hosting platform? Well, you should be! Videos are audience-pleasing. If you are not creating video content for your audience, you are missing the boat already. Going by research, 88% of internet users spend more time on sites that contain videos. In fact, consumers […]

WordPress do_shortcode

In this article, you will learn about WP shortcodes, and how to use WordPress do_shortcode function to improve their usage. WordPress shortcodes are enormously valuable. They help to extend WordPress functionality and aid ease of use. For instance, when you create a signup form or a slider, shortcodes let you display them on your site. […]

WordPress Favicon

Favicon, or Site icon, is an important branding element every WordPress website should have. They are the tiny, cropped images you see on a browser’s tab when you open a website. As an illustration, here’s how favicon looks on a browser. Chances are you have seen them a zillion skillion times over the web. But […]