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How To Find, Create And Use htaccess File In WordPress

In this quick tutorial, we will explain everything you need to know about the WordPress .htacces file and its uses. Knowledge of editing the WordPress htaccess file can undoubtedly be a mighty tool in your arsenal. With it, you can affect both the security and performance of your WordPress websites. What Is .htaccess? For servers […]

How To Make a Clickable HTML Phone Number In WordPress

Users love convenience. They want to be able to do things with a single click of a button. Their ability to contact you also follows this rule. If you want to make yourself as accessible as possible, making a clickable HTML phone number link will surely bring you closer to that goal. It makes it […]

How To Add Facebook Pixel To WordPress Site?

Installing Facebook pixel on WordPress sites is fairly easy. However, you should know what Facebook Pixel is, how to create one, and how it relates to Facebook Ads to get the most out of it. Facebook And Its Marketing Practices Social media sites collect a lot of information that users provide willingly. Given that, some of […]

How to install and use WordPress on AWS(Amazon Web Services)

Some of the biggest internet companies use AWS. To just name a few Netflix, Airbnb, Adobe Systems, Autodesk… Also, some of the managed WordPress hosting solutions are hosted on Amazon Web Services. Since you have a middleman between you and AWS, cost of running a website might be greater. Therefore if you cut the middlemen […]

10 Free Proven Ways to Drive Traffic to Your WordPress Website

How do you increase or drive traffic to Your website? First, you need to be consistent, have well-formed content, and rank high on Google in your niche to get recurrent visitors. This requires a high degree of commitment, a lot of time, and hard work. Still, you want to make sure you are focusing your […]