After Black Friday Stats – Why You HAVE to “Go Mobile” This Next Holiday Season

There are four days out of the year that tend to be the busiest in regards to shopping: Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and the Saturday (also known as “Small Business Saturday”) & Sunday that follow. If you’re an avid shopper, then this probably doesn’t to come to you as a surprise. However, did you know that a record-breaking number of people have turned towards shopping online for holiday gifts? If you’re a WordPress owner, Black Friday stats show that you need to ensure that your ecommerce website is compatible on mobile devices – otherwise, you’ll be missing out on tons of potential customers.

Crunching The Numbers

The 2014 holiday season started off much more slowly compared to that of 2013 in regards to spending. In 2013, the National Retail Foundation calculated a total spending amount of 54.4 billion dollars in the United States. However, this dropped by 11% over the next year, since only 50.9 billion dollars were spent in 2014. This marks the second year that the sales on Black Friday, and the following weekend, decreased rather than increased. But as you’ll come to see, online shopping has actually become more popular throughout the holidays.

Online Shopping Increasing in Popularity During the Holidays

It shouldn’t come to anyone as a surprise that Walmart, one of the world’s leading consumer superstores, accumulated a massive 500 million page views on their official website during Black Friday. The average online order for all stores combined on Black Friday was just shy of $130 ($129.37 to be exact). This means that customers are spending this amount on each transaction when holiday shopping online.

If you’re a WordPress ecommerce website owner, then this is good news! It means that, if you optimize your WP site for mobile devices, you can expect to massively increase your online sales during these four high traffic days. To provide you with even more of a reason to take this step, know that the average amount of time that consumers had to wait to use Best Buy’s online shopping site was 90 minutes. Based on this information, it’s clear to see that consumers are willing to A) Spend a lot of money, and B) Wait as long as it takes when shopping online.

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