Can Blogging Be a Blueprint for Financial Freedom?


We often plan to make changes in our lives in order to become happier. For example, you may plan on embarking upon a new diet or healthier lifestyle, moving to a new house or area, getting a new job, e.t.c. But how about embarking on new career altogether? What if you could attain financial freedom just by talking about the things you love the most? Many people have done it, and you can too with blogging.

Blogging your way to financial freedom

Blogging is a great way to bridge your hobbies, passions and your job. It enables you to make them one and the same. The motivation for turning to blogging on a part-time or even full-time basis might be a thirst to try something new. Perhaps you are tired of the drudgery that comes with the daily commute to an office, or the stress of office politics. If you’ve had enough of your boss and you want to call your own shots, blogging can be your key to financial freedom.

If you look around the web, you will find many people that started blogging simply as a hobby and turned it into a six-figure income. Now, I do not suggest that by following my advice you will able to start earning big tomorrow – it will take time for you to attain financial freedom. You will start modestly bringing in money from your blog, which will increase as you continue.

The best thing about it is that you can start blogging while you keep your day job and develop it over time until you can earn enough to give up your 9-5 and attain true financial freedom.

How to start your own business for $25 - Blog your way to financial freedom

Get a website

The first step in your quest to make money from blogging is to set yourself up with a website. As this can be done for less than $25 there really isn’t a financial obstacle to setting up your blogging website. The content and information will come from you, so there are no prohibitive overheads. With a WordPress website, there is no need to employ the expensive services of a web designer or programmer. Simply get your site set up and you are immediately able to hit the ground blogging. After you set up your site, you can always change or upgrade it to meet your evolving needs.

Get blogging

Can blogging be a blueprint for financial freedom Over the years while you have been employed in a conventional job, you’ve probably amassed an impressive level of specialist knowledge in your chosen field. You’ve also likely become a semi-expert at certain hobbies or interests, which could be shared with the internet in your blog. Perhaps you know a ton about DIY, being a new parent, know a bunch of money saving tips or have an encyclopedic knowledge of music? Maybe you are a talented cupcake chef, amateur photographer or graphic artist in your spare time? There is a blog for just about every interest, and if there isn’t one about yours yet, make it; even if there was, make a better one.

Turning your passion into your blogging focus gives you the power to share your skills and knowledge with the world, while tapping into a captive audience of fans and fellow enthusiasts. Regardless of the topic, you can eventually attain financial freedom by blogging on just about any subject.

The most important tip I can give you about blogging is to write about what interests you the most. The more you are passionate about the subject, the more likely you can transfer your enthusiasm to your readers and establish a solid base of followers and develop the excellent reputation that will come with a loyal readership.

How your blog can make you money

Once you have your blog set up, you can set about generating income. Start off by:

  • Opening a Google AdSense account will allow you to monetize your traffic, meaning that you can make a commission from every visitor who comes to your blog and clicks on one of the featured ads.
  • By getting organic traffic to your site in the form of visitors interested in the topic of your blog. If you get advertisers to post adds onto your site, you can also generate income from those advertisements.
  • Google will then pay you for every person clicking on the advertisements.

Google AdSense is not the only way to make money out of your blog, but it  is definitely one of the fastest and simplest ways to get started with monetizing your website.

Financial freedom

Endless possibilities

There exist so many more possibilities for making money while blogging.
Affiliate marketing is also a popular and lucrative method that can fast-track your journey to financial freedom. You can mention a service, product or company on your site and receive a commission every time a visitor subscribes or buys to that service. According to some affiliate marketing specialists, this market has driven more than $230 billion in sales to the top 1,000 U.S. e-retailers. Affiliate marketing is therefore one of the biggest online growth industries. And you can also be a part of this wave.

You might also like to create a members’ only area for your site, where you share specialist knowledge or give access to special content for the price of a subscription fee. Today, people are looking for sites which give added value – be it information, learning resources, support or advice in their fields of interest- and they are willing to pay for it. So, if you create a reputation as a blogger in a specific field, then you can later on charge an additional fee for support, consulting, premium services and the like for paid members.

Perhaps you have an ingenious idea of your own for making money while you blog on a WordPress site? Why not put it to the test and see how to make the internet work for you.

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