How to Use Comments in WordPress

Want to know how to use Comments in WordPress? It’s very simple – WordPress gives website administrators full Comments modification options. Watch our video to see how you can approve, delete or edit comments left on your website or blog.

How to use comments in WordPress

If you want to read the steps, here’s how to use comments in WordPress.

When you have a new comment, it is indicated by a notification on the comment item in the left menu bar.

Click on Comments in the menu bar to access and manage your comments.

On the comments page, you can see all your comments, both pending and approved. To view just pending or just approved, click the corresponding link at the top of the comments page.

To approve a comment, hover over it and click Approve. You can always unapprove a comment later on.

To reply a comment, hit Reply, type in your comment, and hit Reply.

You can spam or trash a comment by click the Spam or Trash button.

Clicking Edit allows you to change any aspect of the comment, including it’s state (approve/unapproved), it’s author, and it’s content.

WordPress Comment Tips

Did you know that you can actually decide whether to enable or disable comments from your WordPress-powered website or blog? Although comments can be a great way for visitors to interact with each other and share their thoughts on your content, some site owners may prefer to disable the comments function due to lack of time to moderate and approve them. The choice is yours!