How to Create Hyperlinks in WordPress

Your WordPress Visual Editor allows you to create hyperlinks in WordPress to any page of content on your domain, and any page on the web. Our video tutorial clearly demonstrates how to do this!

How to create hyperlinks in WordPress

Here’s a brief extract of what is covered in the video.

In your visual editor, select the text you want to hyperlink, and click the insert link icon (looks like a single part of chain) in the top bar.

In the pop-up input box, type in or paste the url you want to link to, and click the apply button, or hit enter to create the link.

If you want to edit the link, click on it, and click on the edit button. Next, make your changes and click the apply button.

If you want to delete the link, click on it and click the unlink icon (broken chain).

WordPress Fact

Did you know that hyperlinks are great tools for bloggers and business websites alike? Users are more likely to read articles, discover new products and service if you include a link to them within your content. Bloggers can use the hyperlink function to even promote affiliate links and paid advertising while business websites can link directly to suggested products. There are even options to open in a new Window or Tab so that users can remain connected to your page while they view another. Happy linking!

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