How to Create and Edit Users in WordPress

How to Create and Edit Users in WordPress

This video tutorial shows you how to create and edit users in WordPress.

Creating users and assigning access privileges in WordPress allows you to manage who can add, edit or create content in your website. Our video carefully explains the different roles that can be created and which types of access accompany them. Watch it to learn how to create and edit users and roles in WordPress!

But what are some cases where you may need to create users? Very commonly, you may have several people working on your site at the same time. These people may require different access levels. For example, a developer may need to have full access, while a content writer only needs access to the post section of your WordPress blog.

In such an instance it is best to create accounts with the exact access level needed by each person.

     WordPress Fact

Did you know that you can give your team members varying levels of access according to their job titles or roles for your blog or website? You may want to assign different people different levels of editing privileges in order to manage who can change what in your website. WordPress lets you do this easily!

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