How to Create and Manage Custom Navigation Menus in WordPress

By creating custom navigation menus in WordPress, you can reshuffle your Menus to make you site appear unique and to arrange and group you menus logically. Watch the video for a full run-down of how to create and manage your Custom Navigation Menus in WordPress.

What can you do with custom navigation menus in WordPress?

You can set custom menus to link to pages, categories, custom links, and more – thus giving your users easy access to all parts of your site.

The are many ways it is helpful to know how to create custom navigation menus in WordPress.

First, it helps you define your basic site menus and navigation. However, custom menus become even more important when there are many links in your site.

You can group menus into categories, place them in dropdowns, and make your site super easy to navigate.

Custom menus are best displayed when you already have a great theme installed – one that accommodates dropdowns and other dynamic features. For this and many other reasons, always choose good free or premium themes.

WordPress Fact

Did you know that you can give your menus different names so that you remember them? Create bespoke layouts according to your preferences or usages and give them their own titles.

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