How to Navigate Around your WordPress Dashboard

Your WordPress Dashboard is, very much like the name suggests, the control center for your WordPress powered website or blog. Watch our video to learn more about how to use your WordPress Dashboard.

How to use your WordPress Dashboard

Here’s a quick written guide of the steps, if you prefer to read.

  1. The main dashboard: The main dashboard is the first page you see when logging into WordPress. This dashboard contains widgets that give you information about about your site, such as how many posts and pages you have, your recent activity, information from installed plugins, etc. You can organize this screen by dragging and dropping items.
  2. Pull-down menus on the top-right: On the top right of your dashboard, you can see “Screen Options” and “Help” pull-down menus. Screen Options allows you customize the display of your dashboard, you can add or remove items from the main dashboard, set your page layout, and make other related screen changes. Help provides a number of useful guides and links to enable you know how to use your dashboard.
  3. Menu-bar on the left: The left menu bar is the control house of your entire website. This bar provides the links to all aspects of your site. From creating and editing posts, to changing your theme, all functionalities can be performed using this bar.

Tip about your WordPress Dashboard

You can manage widgets in your WordPress Dashboard by quickly dragging and dropping them where you want. You can also roll them up, too! Widgets are a great way to add content and features to your sidebars.