How to Edit Your WordPress Images

If you need to edit images with WordPress, this can quite easily be done if you learn how to use the Media Library and its host of tools. Watch the video to learn how to edit images in WordPress posts!

Steps to edit images in WordPress posts

Here’s how to edit images in WordPress posts, if you prefer to read.

Open the post you want to edit in your visual editor and locate the image.

If you want to resize the image, click on it and drag one of the points that appear on its side.

Clicking on the image also opens options to align the image, click the options to left, center, or right align the image. To make further changes, click the edit button.

This would open a pane where you can set the caption, change the image width, add a link, and make more custom changes.

WordPress Tip

Did you know that you can change the size and resolution of the images in your Media Library with WordPress? Sometimes it can be tricky to gauge how an image really looks in its place until it is uploaded onto the site. Perhaps you have input an image and want to make it a little larger or change its position so that text wraps around it? You can do all of this with the WordPress Media Library!

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