How to Upload Images from Your Computer to WordPress

Make the most of your WordPress website by adding images you already have on your desktop. Watch the video to see how you can drag and drop pictures into your WordPress posts and pages. We’ll show you how to upload images to WordPress!

How to upload images to WordPress

If you prefer to read, here’s how to upload images to WordPress.

  1. Drag and drop: When editing a post in your visual editor, upload an image by dragging it from you desktop and dropping it in the visual editor. The image will be uploaded and selected, so you can adjust it’s settings and then click Insert into post.
  2. Upload files tab: In your visual editor, click Add Media and switch to the “Upload Files” tab. Next, select and upload your image, adjust the settings as you require, and click Insert into post.

WordPress tip

Did you know that you can access any image files you have your desktop computer or laptop and use them on your WordPress website through the Upload Media feature? This can be a great way to use unique images that you own the copyright to and add them to your blog or website, rather than paying for stock images or using free pictures that lack individuality. You can use the Multi-File Uploader in WordPress to add a bunch of photos by dragging-and-dropping into the Window.

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