How to Use the WordPress Image Editor

You can access your Image Editor in WordPress through your Media Sidebar, which allows you to edit images on your WordPress powered website. All of the possibilities are explained in our video tutorial. Watch it to learn more!

What can you do with the WordPress Image Editor?

The WordPress Image Editor allows you make basic changes to your images to make them more suitable for your posts and pages.

Note that as stated above, these are mostly basic edits. If you are looking to add filters, remove red eye, add layers, etc, then you need your picture edited in a photo editor first before uploading to WordPress.

Here are the functions you can perform on an image with the editor:

  1. Rotate
  2. Flip horizontal
  3. Flip veritcal
  4. Crop
  5. Resize
  6. Revert to the original image

Fact about the WordPress Image Editor

Did you know that your WordPress image editor can be used instead of photo resizing software? You can resize your images with ease using the Scaling Image option. This will let you alter the dimensions in height and width. The tool cleverly automatically changes the dimensions while maintaining a proportionate aspect ratio. You can also crop pictures using the photo editor. You can even save precious time by learning the keyboard shortcuts for changing image sizes too!

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