Google xml Sitemaps Plugin

How to Install and Configure Google XML Sitemaps Plugin

Google xml Sitemaps Plugin

What is Google XML Sitemap

A sitemap is a complete list of pages in your website that is used either by search engine crawlers, or site users.

There are two kinds of sitemaps – XML sitemaps, and HTML sitemaps. HTML sitemaps help users navigate your site.

XML sitemaps represent the entire structure of your site in a format that is readable by search engines. With an XML sitemap in place, search engines will very easily crawl and index your pages. Also, if you make changes to your site, these are quickly discovered and indexed too.

An XML sitemap is thus very necessary if you want your WordPress website to rank in Google, and this article will show you how to create and maintain a sitemap on your website using Google XML Sitemap plugin.

How to Install and Configure Google XML Sitemap Plugin:

Step 1

From the menu, click on Plugins, and then Add New.Click Add New - Install Google XML sitemap

Step 2

Search for “Google XML”.     Search for “Google XML” - Install Google XML sitemap

Step 3

Under Google XML Sitemaps, click Install Now.Under Google XML Sitemap, click Install Now.

Step 4

On the next page, click Activate Plugin.On the next page, click Activate Plugin - Install Google XML sitemap

Step 5

After the activation, from the menu, go to Settings; click on XML-Sitemap to get to the settings on XML-Sitemap to get to the settings page

Step 6

The first request you’ll see is to build the sitemap for the first time. Click on the link that says “Click here”. You’ll see the success confirmation.

Step 7

Although the default settings are good and ready to go, you can customize different options if you need to. These include Basic Options, Additional Pages, Post Priority, Location of Your Sitemap File, Sitemap Content, Excluded Items, Changes Frequencies and Priorities. When satisfied with your options, click Update Options to save the can customize different options

You’re done. The sitemap will be generated and search engines will always be notified of new content on your site.

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