How to Use Lists in WordPress

This is one of the more technical tasks in WordPress. If you need to learn how to embed videos in WordPress, either in your posts or pages, this video will show you the various methods.

How to embed videos in WordPress

If you prefer to read this guide, here are the various ways to embed videos in your WordPress posts or pages.

  1. Copy paste in your visual editor: This is the easiest method. When creating your content in visual editor, simply copy the link of the video from YouTube or any other video sharing site, and paste it in your editor. WordPress takes care of adding the video to your post.
  2. Using the video site’s embed code: Video sites generally provide a code to enable you embed videos. In YouTube for example, under the video you want to embed, click the share icon, and click Embed in the menu that pops out. Next, copy the code. In WordPress, switch from visual to text editor, and paste the code where you want the video to be located.

WordPress Fact

Did you know that you can select your media from a range of online sources, including YouTube and Vimeo? This gives you endless possibilities for selecting great video content to include in your WordPress blog or website. As WordPress is able to convert the content, there are hardly any limits to what you can include.

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