How to Add Images to Your Website with the WordPress Media Library

Learn how to manage all of your website or blog media through the use of the WordPress Media Library. Our helpful video guide will show you how to add images to posts from WordPress Media Library.

Steps to add images to posts from WordPress Media Library

Here’s a summary of what is contained in the video, if you prefer to read.

To add images from the media library to a post, click Add Media on the toolbar. In the “Upload Files” tab, you have the option to upload an image from your computer. Otherwise, switch to the “Media Library” tab. This tab will display all your previously uploaded content.

Select the image you want, adjust the settings as you require, and click Insert into post.

WordPress tip

The WordPress Media Library lets you edit pictures as well as store them for later use. The feature’s editing capabilities allow you to alter the display settings of pictures, add captions and re-size images before previewing your changes to see if you like how they look, and then you can go on to publish. You can save time by saving pictures from your desktop directly into your WordPress Media Library so you know where all of your pictures are stored and can see them all at-a-glance. No more trawling through JPG files to find them again!