Why Are Mobile WordPress Sites Important in 2014?

If your WordPress isn’t optimized for users on mobile platforms then know that you are cutting yourself off from an abundance of potential visitors. Remember that mobile devices are not ideal for viewing traditional websites. In fact, it’s likely that your information will be presented in an entirely different way on a mobile device (perhaps in a way that doesn’t look as visually appealing as you might like).

Importance of Mobile Themes

Fortunately, there are WordPress themes that have already been optimized to meet the demands of the mobile market. These themes will automatically change their dimensions (and sometimes overall layout) to better suit tablets and smartphones. Like most available themes, there are free and paid versions for you to choose from. Some free responsive WordPress themes that you might like include:

If your website is relatively new and doesn’t have an established theme, these can be excellent options for starting out. Not only are they lightweight, but they’ll provide mobile users with an easy-to-navigate site that doesn’t slow down or buffer.

Mobile Plugins – How Can They Be Useful?

In addition to installing a mobile theme, you could also consider using mobile plugins. Certain plugins designed for this purpose will help strip away any unneeded graphics or design elements that slow down loading time on mobile devices.
For instance, the WordPress Mobile Pack is an all-in-one solution that you can use to switch an existing website to one that is compatible with mobile devices. Here are some more plugins that you can use to make your WordPress site more mobile friendly:

  • WP Detector: Unlike a lot of the plugins that you see today, WP Mobile Detector is designed to support more than 5,000 different kinds of smartphones, tablets, and other kinds of devices that are web-enabled.
    Learn more about it here.
  • Mobile Press: Mobile Press is one of the simple plugins out there for converting your site onto the mobile platform. One feature that you will certainly enjoy about it is the ability to test your mobile site before actually publishing it on the web.
    Read more here.
  • WP Touch: WP Touch includes an admin panel that will allow you to fully customize the overall appearance of your mobile site. It’s user-friendly and works quickly (and you don’t need to know anything about coding).
    Learn about it here.

Downloading mobile plugins will essentially make the transition onto mobile platforms much more effective. Be sure to experiment with different ones until you find the plugin that suits your site the best.

Mobile Users Aren’t Going Anywhere

Entering 2014, it is estimated that more than 90% of people in the United States own some form of a mobile device. About half of them own smartphones while the other half own tablets. From streaming music to socializing on Facebook, mobile devices are quickly changing the way people approach business websites and blogs. In short, they aren’t going anywhere, and it is for this reason that optimizing your site for mobile devices is a good idea.

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