Is It Possible to Start Your Own Business for $25?


First, before we start, I want to tell you that the answer to the question is yes! It is indeed possible to start your online business for $25. Success will not come overnight, but if you follow the steps in this article you can set the wheels in motion. It’s how I got started – my first website was started for $25, too and today I own dozens of websites and numerous online businesses.

Starting your online business is very affordable

It used to be the case that starting your own business cost tens of thousands of dollars. The outlays were eye-watering-– a deposit to open a store or an office, rental costs, paying for merchandise, hiring employees, paying salaries…But the internet has changed everything. Today, you can realize the dream of starting your own business online for almost nothing, if you acknowledge the many possibilities that exist thanks to the internet. Having a successful online business is entirely attainable by harnessing the power of the internet!

Times have changed. The internet is the new worldwide Main Street, replacing traditional Mom & Pop stores with global internet giants such as Amazon and eBay as people chose to buy online and have items delivered to their door. Indeed, some of today’s most successful businesses including Yahoo, Google and Facebook started off as a website or an online idea that gained momentum and turned into something profitable and trailblazing. You too can start your online business and get into the action!

Start your online business for the same price as lunch for two

Let’s go back to the original premise of this article and talk a little more about how you can start your online business for $25 – the same price as lunch for two; a couple of tasty burgers and sodas from a decent diner, maybe.

We will be using WordPress to start your online business , which is the most popular web platform in the world. WordPress has made owning a website financially accessible to all. What’s really great about using it is you need zero Technical knowledge of HTML or code. The outlay costs are minimal – a domain name can be purchased for a mere $10 – 15 and the site can be hosted for $10 a month…that’s it and you’re good to go!

Before we will start…

Before we start the instructional part of this “How To…” guide, I want to show you some examples of websites that are making money online using the WordPress platform:

Example 1
This is a financial information website that also generates income from AdSense and other affiliate programs.

Example 2
This site belongs to a personal blogger who writes about many subjects and also makes money from Google AdSense.

Example 3
This is a life coach’s personal blog that makes money from AdSense affiliate programs and selling e-books.

Here are some examples of big brands that are using the WordPress system:

Example 1
CNN is using the WordPress system to operate its website!

Example 2
The Wall Street Journal uses WordPress platform for its website too!

Example 3
The New York Times utilizes WordPress for its website.

In this “How To” guide, I will explain how to make a website that will make money from blogging or running a news website. This guide is best for beginners as you will learn how to get you website up and running, add interesting content to the website and, finally, how to integrate Google AdSense so that you generate revenue simply by people clicking on ads on your website.

Ok…this will be long, so I suggest you make yourself some coffee and be 100% focused!

Here we go…

Step 1 – Decide on the main topic of your blog or news website.

“The most important tip I can give you about blogging is to write about what interests you the most. The more you are passionate about the subject, the more likely you can transfer your enthusiasm to your readers and establish a solid base of followers and develop the excellent reputation that will be communicated by a loyal readership.”

How many times did you hear you family and friends tell you are an expert on a topic and you need to write a book about it? That is what you should write about!

One more thing I want to mention from my experience is specific the topics from which we earn the most using Google AdSense:

– Health & Fitness

– Current News

– Personal Finance

– Celebrities & Gossip

After you choose the subject you are ready to start setting up you website.

Step 2 – Get a domain and hosing account

*These are the only things that will cost you money– everything else is free

*In order to get you website set up you will need these 2 basic things:

1. Domain- this is the name of you website where visitors can view your website. For example:

2. Hosting – hosting it the place you will store all your data and files (and the WordPress platform)

*Many bloggers are using their full names to write their blogs. For example Matt Cutes is using WordPress as well.

You can use your name as a domain or search for some new names on a generator site such as:

*I recommend that you buy your domain and hosting with For-free-WordPress-installation-and-setup-click-here-700
so you will have everything you need from one provider and you can manage everything from one account

* Top Tip – The best Hostgator pack is the “Baby” plan, because you can host unlimited websites through the same pack. Sounds ambitious? Believe me, it won’t take long before you will want to get more websites!

Here is a video on how to buy your hosting plan:

Do You Want to Learn WordPress-700

Step 3 –  Install the WordPress system on your hosting account:

In this case, 1 video is better than 1,000 words! Here you have a video that will show you how to install the WordPress system on your host, but if you want us to do the installation for free click here.

Click here to get our free WordPress setup! - Start your online business

Step 4 –  Set  your blog design

After you have installed WordPress onto your host, you will need to set your WordPress “theme,” which is the ready-made design for you website.

This is one feature that makes WordPress great to start your online business. WordPress allows you to change you website design with a few clicks of your mouse without any html knowledge. Don’t worry about your site not being individual enough– there are more than 10,000 free themes on the web. Alternatively, if you want to invest about $50 to $100, you can get one of the premium advance themes.

• I recommend you start with one of the free themes. That way you can learn the basics of the WordPress system and get comfortable. Then, when you feel you are ready, you can change your theme to one of the premium in a few clicks

Step 5 – Add content to your website.


Now you will need to add some content for your readers. To start getting some ideas about what you can write about, I recommend that you search on Google and research websites and articles that are related your specialist topic.

For example, let’s say you decided to write about personal finance.

You can go to and type in “personal loans” and you will be shown the leading websites that are ranking highly for their content. This will give you some tried-and-true ideas about what you can write.

*Tip – if you don’t like to write or you are looking for someone with skills to write for your blog, you can go to websites like to source professional freelance writers that will do a very good job.

To learn how to add content we recommend that you watch our free video tutorials. Adding content through WordPress is extremely easy!

Step 6  – Create a Google AdSense account.

In the steps above, you have seen how to start your online business website. In order to start making some money from this website, you will need to incorporate a tool called Google AdSense, an easy-to-use advertisement program run by Google.

Here is a video about this ad program:

You can open a Google AdSense account here.

Here is a video that will show you how to create a Google advertisement code, and place this in your website.

You can learn more about Adsense on the Google Adsense channel.

Free WordPress installation - Start your online business

Step 7 – Get visitors to your blog and start earning money!

If you’ve got this point, you’re ready for the real fun to start! Once you have a blog set up with content and ads, you will need to start getting visitors to your website. Today you have many ways to get traffic to your website: you can do it with Facebook, Google’s organic traffic, Google AdWords, YouTube, Twitter and more…

The internet is full of tips and advice on how to get free traffic to you website.

You also have some paid advertisement options that can get cheap traffic and help you make money immediately — this is a very good but very long post. In summary, it’s showing you how to get top quality visitors to you website/blog with Outbrain.

Side note:

The best aspect about starting your online business is that you can begin while you still have a steady job, making it risk-free. Within time you will learn tips and tricks to make you blog better and you can transition to making this you main income.

Web design companies charge $500 to $2500 for these kinds of websites, so I hope you understand the benefit of learning how to work with the WordPress system yourself.

Learning how to work with WordPress is like finding gold. I really mean that because once you learn how to operate this amazing system, you will be able to make any website you can imagine for the cost of no more than a few dollars. The internet is full of videos on how to manage and operate WordPress websites.

You can also get free access to our free WordPress tutorials here

I hope you enjoyed this article and if you have any questions, I will be more them happy to answer them here in the comment box or at the contact us page.

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