Is Your Theme Responsive?

Responsive WordPress Theme

Responsive WordPress themes are increasingly becoming the industry standard in WordPress web development. As so many people access the web using a variety of computer screen sizes with different resolutions devices and display settings, using a responsible theme optimizes the user’s experience of your WordPress website, however they view it.

What is a responsive WordPress theme?

It is a WordPress theme that has dynamic capacities to adjust its display to suit whatever device is being used to access and view the website. This means that all visitors will have the same ability to view all of the site and use its functions regardless of the platform they are using to view the site.

Why is a responsive WordPress theme important?

It is important for a variety of reasons, the major one being that more and more people use the internet on the go, instead of from PCs. With different browsers being used and people having differently sized monitors, it makes sense to have a theme which can adjust to accommodate all of these variations, rather than just one. This increases your potential customer base or readership, allowing more people using other platforms (computer, tablet, mobile device) access your site and enabling them to navigate it successfully.

What happens if my theme is not responsive?

It can be extremely frustrating for visitors to your site, as a non responsive WordPress theme may not be optimized for their particular platform. For example, say you select a non-responsive WordPress theme that is best displayed on Firefox with a PC connected to a 21” monitor. A visitor to your site using Google Chrome through a small netbook with a 9.5” monitor will not be able to see all of the site’s features. The layout is not user-friendly on their screen and the resolution is poor. After trying to use your site, the experience is negative and they decide instead to use a competitor’s site that has been correctly optimized. Without responsive themes, you are not giving your site or business the best chance for success.

Is it a lot of work to use a responsive WordPress theme?

It is much less work than you think. Many themes are now made responsive by default, with dynamic features that allow you to have a single website and a single appearance which the theme configures to suit all possible platforms. This removes the need for you to create a different website for all platforms! When selected correctly, the right theme will do this for you.

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