How to Restore a Post in WordPress

Deleted posts that are in the Trash Link can be restored to your WordPress website or blog. Want to learn how to restore deleted content? Watch the video for a full explanation on how to restore deleted posts in WordPress.

How to restore deleted posts in WordPress

If you would prefer to read the steps, here’s how to restore deleted posts in WordPress.

Login to your WordPress dashboard and click Posts. Next, click on the trash link towards the top of the page (note that this link only displays when there are items in the trash, so if you can’t find it, you may have waited beyond the 30-day window within which you can restore deleted posts in WordPress).

If you found the link and clicked on it, you would be taken to the trash folder containing all the posts you deleted within 30-days; search for the one you want to restore. Place you mouse over the post to see the options and then click Restore.

Your post will be restored back to your “All Posts” folder and you can continue using it as normal

WordPress Fact

Did you know that the Trash Link on your WordPress Dashboard gives you options to restore, view or permanently delete content that has been added to the Trash folder? The Trash features removes posts without permanently deleting them, so this is great for when you want to restore them. If you are sure you no longer need the content, you can permanently delete them manually or wait 30 days – WordPress will do it for you automatically.

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