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wordpress media library

WordPress Media Library – How to Manage & Organize Your Media

Your Media Library in WordPress is the nerve center for all of the videos, graphics and more of your site. Get to know how this powerful feature works by watching out video tutorial.
Recommended Hosting Services for WordPress

Which Hosting Services Are Recommended by WordPress?

FixRunner.com gives the lowdown on which web hosting companies Wordpress.org specifically recommends, to help site owners select the best service for their needs.
WordPress Admin Panel

Introduction to the WordPress Admin Panel

Understanding the features in your WordPress Admin Panel is a great way to learn how to master the functions of your WordPress-powered website or blog. Our guide shows you around the main features.
How to Use FTP

How to Use FTP (A Complete Guide for Beginners)

When your dashboard is inaccessible, you can use FTP to fix errors, install plugins, backup WordPress files, etc. Fixrunner shows you how.
WordPress One-Click Install

How to Install WP Using WordPress One-Click Install

FixRunner.com gives guidance on how to install WordPress through the most common one-click installations.
What is WordPress?

What is WordPress? How does it Work? – A Beginners Guide

WordPress is many things to lots of website creators, but did you know how it started and how popular it is today? You're in good company if you are new to WordPress - every day, thousands just like you decide to get on board the WordPress train and create dynamic websites.