Why Is It Important to Keep Your WordPress Updated?

There are several reasons why you need need to keep WordPress updated. Updates to this platform are released quite often, and for good reason. Besides providing new features, WordPress updates serve other important functions.

Main Reasons Why You Need to keep WordPress Updated

Let’s consider the top 4 reason why updating WordPress is important.

To maintain optimal site security.

WordPress sites, like all websites, are vulnerable to malicious threats such as hacking. Due to 1 in 5 website being run on WordPress, the system is very popular with hackers. The good news is the WordPress developers are constantly fixing security breaches and vulnerabilities and these protections are released in newly updated versions of WordPress. By keeping your WordPress updated, you are ensuring that your site is equipped with the most recent security features. It just takes one click to update, but it can takes months to recover or replace lost content if your site is hacked.

To have the most up-to-date plugins or themes

As well as the core of WordPress being exposed to security threats, so too are the plugins or themes. Updating all aspects of your WordPress keep your site secure and running optimally. Outdated plugins and themes can be updated swiftly if you subscribe to developers’ updates.

To keep your blog, website or online business running smoothly

Not keeping on top of updates means that you are not benefitting from new bug fixes or improvements that make your site running at its best. Updates include coding changes, plugins or widgets – if you are using old versions, they simply might stop working. This can frustrate your clients, users and readers and potentially impact negatively on your web presence or business.

New is always better

In the world of software development, new is always better! By keeping your website updated regularly, you are benefitting from improvements and changes that will almost always make your life easier, keep your website looking and working at its best and help your readers, users or customers have a more user-friendly experience on your website.

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