How to Navigate Your Toolbar in WordPress

Your visual editor toolbar in WordPress contains a wide variety of options and features for you to write posts and pages in WordPress. Some of these you may be familiar with, but others are unique to WordPress. Watch our video to learn how to utilize all of the features within your WordPress Toolbar.

Things to know about the Visual Editor Toolbar in WordPress

First, the visual editor allows you create html content without knowing html. Normally, every post or page you create is made up of html code. However, the visual editor allows you write text, add hyperlinks, import images, etc, as you would normally do when creating a page in a word processor. The visual editor create the HTML content representing what you write and add to the post or page.

The visual editor toolbar in WordPress enables you style and format the content you are adding. If you want to add headers, images, hyperlinks, this is where you go. The toolbar appears at the top of the editor.

To see the function of each toolbar item, hover over each one and a tool-tip will appear telling you it’s function.

WordPress Fact

Did you know that the keyboard-like icon holds even more features? Clicking on this icon opens up an extra suite of tools for styling and editing your content to give it a polished finish. Also, there are keyboard shortcuts for all items in the visual editor toolbar in WordPress, you can view these by clicking the “?” icon.

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