How to Secure Your WordPress Website

You’ve put a lot of time and effort into your WordPress site. The LAST thing you want is to lose it all to a hacker or internal malfunction. Unfortunately, we live in an era where both of these possibilities can happen to any WP owner. But if you take the time to secure and back up your WordPress data, you can rest at night knowing that your WP site is still going to be there when you get up in the morning. So in this tutorial, we will show you how to secure your WordPress website.

Make it Difficult For Hackers

If a hacker is going to try and hack your website, make them earn it. Don’t make things easy for them by having predictable login information. Perhaps the best way to do this is the limit the number of login attempts that anyone can have when logging into your WP site. You can do this in your WordPress settings, and you’ll be provided with the option of how many login attempts will be allowed before the user is prevented from trying anymore.

On the same token, don’t use the word “admin” is your login I.D. Some hackers will simply go with trial-and-error when attempting to hack your site, and they know that some WP owners will make the mistake of leaving this as their login I.D. On the same token, choose a password that will be difficult to guess. Here are a few examples:

  • Bad Example: 123ABC
  • Good Example: 1A2b3C!!!
  • Bad Example: BrianT
  • Good Example: xxBrianT!!1221

Backup Website Content Frequently

Make sure that you do this often. We suggest backing up your WP site no less than once per week. If you really care about the integrity and safety of your website, you might probably consider doing it even more frequently. One of the best ways to go about doing this is to use BackupBuddy. This simple-to-use WP plugin is not only budget-friendly (costing about $100), but it also works quickly, allowing you to restore a hack website in less than five minutes. You can’t ask for much more peace of mind than that.

If you’re short on money and need a cheaper alternative, consider the free WP plugin, Ready Backup. This plugin will automatically generate backups on your behalf and send them to a cloud-based filing system (like Dropbox for example). Most of the reviews for the plugin are positive, but just remember that, like with most things in life, you get what you pay for.

Better than the Ready Backup plugin is UpDraft Plus. It currently has more reviews than its counterpart, and its pretty user-friendly too. Not to mention, it’s free! No matter which option you choose, just remember to backup your content frequently in the event that your site does get hacked unexpectedly.

Overall, Internet threats aren’t something that you need to stress about, but as we progress into a more technological age, it becomes increasingly important to take tips and strategies like these and implement them to keep your WordPress data safe and secure.