Best WordPress Hosting Providers

Best WordPress Hosting Providers in 2019

Best WordPress Hosting Providers

Our top-rated WordPress Hosting Companies


Choosing a quality host is a vital part of website building. Our WordPress hosting comparison will help you decide and choose the best WordPress hosting provider for your site. The host you pick will determine many things- your website’s stability, speed, security. That’s why you need to choose carefully. Many people neglect the importance of quality hosting and opt for the cheapest option available. That is something you should avoid- the cheapest option is the best option only if it is the only one you can afford. But, if you can pay for better, get something more expensive. A slow, unresponsive, and unsafe website can compromise the reputation of your company, and that is something that you don’t want to happen. If your clients feel unsafe visiting your site, or if it takes forever to load, they will look elsewhere. That’s why you need to make sure nothing like that ever happens.

In this article, we will talk about top WordPress hosting companies that we think are the best. WP Engine, Kinsta, Get Flywheel, SiteGround, and Inmotion. All are excellent choices, and you will not have any issues with any of them, but WP Engine is the best option if you ask us. This company has all the basics covered and has some advanced features that separate them from the rest. More on that in the next section, where we will review all four of them, in depth, but first, let’s offer you a short breakdown of all five web hostings.

Quick WordPress Hosting Companies reviews:

WPEngine WordPress Hosting Company

WP Engine – our number one choice

WP Engine is a WP dedicated hosting provider. WordPress hosting is all they do, and they are hands down the best in business, at least if you ask us. This company only employes WP experts, and it shows in the terrific customer support it provides. Also, all their servers are WP optimized, ensuring top performance, and perfect uptime. If a secure WordPress hosting is your number one priority, WP Engine is an excellent solution for you. It is a fully managed WordPress hosting, and they take care of everything on server-level, including WP updates and plugin patches.

When it comes to plans pricing- WP Engine has feature-rich plans, but this hosting company is all but cheap, this has to be said. However, all things considered, it is well worth the money, and if you can afford WP Engine, you should pick them. You will get the best WP hosting available, and top upload, blazing speeds, excellent security, terrific support and thousands of happy users witness to that.

kinsta logo

Kinsta Hosting – A Fast-Growing WordPress Hosting Solution

Kinsta is a newer name on the hosting market, as the company was founded a little over five years ago, in 2013. However, for that short time, at least when compared to some other providers who are here for decades, Kinsta has built a tremendous reputation by providing top-notch service. Being a new name on the market automatically means they have the latest technology, and you can count on highest server speeds. What’s more, Kinsta is a WordPress-only managed hosting solution, providing dedicated support for our favorite CMS.

They used to be relatively expensive, but recently they’ve included a more affordable plan, that puts them in reach of smaller blogs and websites. Still, they are a premium WordPress hosting solution, and you will never have second thoughts if you decide to pick one of their powerful hosting plans.

Flywheel WP Hosting Provider

Flywheel – another quality WordPress hosting provider

If you find WP Engine too expensive or dislike it for some other reason, but you still want a great, dedicated WP hosting provider, try FlyWheel. Going for dedicated WP hosting is always the best option since the whole company will be explicitly synchronized to offer the best possible WordPress experience. Flywheel also hires WP experts strictly, and this really shows. Flywheel has excellent technology which ensures best uptimes and maximum speeds. Server-level caching will put the speed of your website even further. Flywheel also does server-level updates and checks every plugin before allowing you to install anything, thus boosting your WordPress security.

They also promote using strong passwords, and limit login attempts to prevent hacking- but if it does happen, they will clean up everything for free. As we’ve already said, Flywheel is cheaper than WP Engine, making it more friendly towards people who are just getting into the business. All in all, Flywheel is a great hosting provider, and you will have zero issues if you decide to choose them for your website(s).

Siteground Hosting Company

SiteGround – not WP dedicated, but still top hosting

SiteGround is a regular, non-WP dedicated hosting company, but they have excellent WordPress hosting plans. Their WP packages are much more affordable, making them a more budget-friendly solution than WP Engine and Flywheel. SiteGround is well-known in the hosting industry as one of the providers with the best uptime- 99.9% or better, guaranteed. This company has one unique option- they let you choose datacenter, no matter which plan you picked, even the cheapest. Their top of the line servers ensure high-speeds, and their WP experts continuously monitor your website, looking for any potential security holes. If you need assistance, you will be glad to know that they offer multi-language support. All things considered, SiteGround is a terrific hosting company, providing their customers premium service at affordable pricing.

Inmotion Hosting Provider

InMotion – one of the biggest hosting providers in the industry

InMotion is in the hosting business for a while, and it has established its name as one of the leadest of the industry. It is not a WP dedicated host, but it has enough WordPress hosting packages to meet every need and business size. Besides the affordable pricing, it has terrific, quick- responding support team, quality hardware that guarantees good uptime, and excellent site speeds that are pushed even further by free SSD that comes with every plan. Plans are flexible, starting from just $5 per month, and are feature-rich. InMotion holds its place as one of the best hosting providers for over a decade for a reason- it provides quality service from top to bottom, and you won’t have any major complaints if you decide to choose them.


Full Reviews of Our Top WP Hosting Companies

WP Engine

WP Engine is the real deal. It is not cheap (the cheapest plan is $35/mo). However, it more than makes up for the price you pay with amazing features each plan offers.

WP Engine is an American company, but it has data centers located across the globe- UK, Belgium, USA, Japan.

As the name suggests, WP Engine is a dedicated WordPress hosting company. This means that they use servers that are tuned for WordPress, and that they only employ WordPress experts. And yes, they host only WP sites, no regular hosting. Also, every feature WP Engine offers is there with WordPress in mind. It aims to provide the best security, highest speeds, best customer support, and various plans for different sized businesses. In short- WP Engine is a premium hosting company; if you are just at the beginning of your WP business, you may find their prices a bit too much. But, if you have an already established, or growing business, WP Engine should be an automatic choice. Here’s why.

Uptime, Speed & Security:

WP Engine takes things seriously- 100% uptime is guaranteed. Moreover, for every hour your site is down, WP Engine will credit back 5% of your monthly bill. Numerous independent tests show that WP Engine indeed has one of the best uptimes of all hosting companies. WP Engine does daily automatic backups, which are kept for two months. Also, they do a backup before installing any updates. Restoring your site to a previous point is simple, done in a few clicks.

The best thing about WP Engine backups is that they are stored in a completely different location from your website- not only on a different server but in another datacenter. This makes sure that your site stays protected and online, even in the case a fire, flood, or some other kind of disaster strikes one of their data centers.

WP Engine has high-speed servers, and even the websites with numerous installed plugins under heavy traffic won’t stutter. This doesn’t surprise us, after all, every WP Engine server is built for, and only for WordPress, and it is only natural for them to be highly optimized.

When it comes to security, WP Engine shines. No wonder they host websites of some major brands and even governments. First, every WP Engine plan is a managed hosting plan, which means updates and patches are not your concern. They test everything before applying anything. Also, WP Engine does regular malware checkups. Each day more than two million attacks are blocked by WP Engine security experts.

They work on prevention too, by blocking individual IP addresses that are frequently used for hacking and spamming. WP Engine cooperates with well-known security companies which review code vulnerability. WP Engine includes SSL with every plan, which is crucial if you intend to run an online store.


WP Engine has three regular, and two custom plans. Even their cheapest plan has some advanced features you would find in premium plans of other hosting companies. These include Page performance (real-time diagnostics and recommendations), Global CDN (improves website speed), SSL (encryption for protecting the private information of your customers) and plenty of other powerful tools. WordPress is already pre-installed.

Also, on each plan, you can add a new website for a flat fee of $20. But, even the most basic WP Engine plan is far from cheap- $35/mo. This is more than five times when compared to some other hosting providers we reviewed in this article. But, WP engine is a premium provider, and we do think it is well worth the money. Here is an overview of their plans:

wp engine plans

Some of the advanced features that are WP Engine specific are GeoTarget (show geo-specific content to your visitors), Content Performance (optimized Google Analytics data for improving content strategy), Consultative onboarding (dedicated success manager for 30 days), Launch readiness assessment (WP Engine gives you a review of your website before your launch), Imported SSL certificate, WP Multisite… Some of these come only with their premium plans, but you can always purchase them as add-ons.


Only WordPress experts are allowed to work in WP Engine, and this really shows. Their support team is trained by WordPress, and they know every detail of this CMS. Support is available 24/7/365, and depending on the plan you have, you can get in touch by phone, live chat, email, or the ticket system. WP Engine also has a team that is working strictly on the customer experience. They carefully read the feedback, making every opinion count.

Also, WP Engine has an excellent online knowledge base, for the people who like finding solutions and fixing problems on their own. There you will find step by step guides with screenshots, different tutorials, FAQ sections. The interface is excellent and user-friendly. Everything is clear, categorized and well organized.

Final words:

WP Engine is a unique service. It is meant only for WordPress, and it does everything to be the best hosting company dedicated to this CMS. With excellent uptime, security, top-notch support and a generous amount of features in each plan, WP Engine is the best hosting company in our opinion, second to none. Yes, they only offer (regular) shared plans, and they are a bit expensive, but with this level of quality, it is worth every single cent.



Kinsta was founded in 2013 but has hit the ground running, establishing itself as one of the best WordPress-specific hosting providers. They use Google infrastructure, which ensures maximum stability, security and speeds. Kinsta is a premium hosting solution, not cheap, but with eight flexible plans to meet various small and large business needs.

Uptime, Speed & Security

– Kinsta does around 1500 daily uptime checks, making sure your WordPress sites run all the time. They have a 99.9% uptime guarantee, but testing shows that you can expect to get much better than that. In other words, your site will never go down if you choose Kinsta.

As for the security – it is one of the best in business, and your site will be completely safe with Kinsta. But, if a hack happens, Kinsta will mend any damage, restoring the site to its normal state, completely free. And if there are any security breaches and issues, Kinsta will try to fix everything within a day, which is nice. Kinsta also includes a free SSL certificate with every plan, plus they have DDoS protection and firewalls. Additionally, you can turn on two-step authentification, which will prevent any unauthorized access attempts.

Kinsta also has terrific server speeds, primarily due to the Google infrastructure they use. You get to pick from one of their 16 data centers, which will further boost the availability of your website. Of course, SSD storage + CDN will push the speed even further, and everything shows in speed tests – Kinsta is really fast.


– Kinsta is a premium hosting company, which you can tell by one look at their plans, as there are no shared hosting options. However, Kinsta recently introduced a more budget-friendly plan, that puts its terrific hosting service within reach of smaller blogs.

Starter to Business Plans:

kinsta hosting plans

Business to Enterprise Plans:

kinsta hosting plans 2

All of their plans are fully managed, which means you don’t have to worry about updates and backups. Kinsta runs daily backups, and if something goes wrong you are completely covered, a restore is always ready. And if you do manual updates, you can create a backup point, so you don’t lose a whole day’s worth of work. Backups are kept 14-30 days, depending on the plan.

All Kinsta plans are on SSD storage, which ensures maximum speed, and each of them has CDN, 50-1000 GB per month. With each plan you get a free SSL certificate, site cloning, and staging, so you can test changes you make before they go live. For all of their plans, Kinsta runs white-label caching through their in-house made plugin.


Kinsta has chat and email support that is available 24/7. Their response time is exceptionally short, and you can expect to get the needed help in a timely manner. Kinsta offers free migration from WPEngine and FlyWheel, their main competitors. And we’ve already mentioned free daily backups and hack and malware protection. Also, if you are the “do it yourself type” there is a handy knowledge base, filled with answers. Unfortunately, there is no phone support.

Final words

– Kinsta has built a strong reputation in short five years and made themselves into one of the best WordPress hosting providers. They have terrific security, fast site speeds, and fast responding support, all packaged into flexible plans. Although they are not the cheapest option on the market, Kinsta does offer a lot, and you will not have second thoughts if you decide to host your website on one of their servers.



Flywheel is another WordPress dedicated hosting company. These are always the best option, and Flywheel, similarly to WP Engine, has the whole system set up to integrate and work flawlessly with WordPress. So only WP sites are supported. When compared with our favorite pick, WP Engine, Flywheel is a bit less expensive, making it a better option for beginners, or people on a tighter budget, that still want to get a dedicated WP hosting solution.

Uptime, Speed & Security:

Flywheel has excellent uptime (although the actual guarantee is hard to find on their website), and their users never complain about it. The high-end hardware found in their data centers is powerful and assembled to provide the best WordPress experience available. But, if something unpredictable does happen, no worries- Flywheel does off-site backups every single night, and one-click restore option will make fixing things a breeze.

The high-end technology and WP optimized servers show in blazing speeds. Even if you get sudden traffic spikes (Black Friday), or have a large website with millions of visitors, you won’t see any performance drops. And this has nothing to do with the plan you picked- every Flywheel plan has the highest standards when it comes to site speeds. Flywheel does caching for you (server-level), so there is no need to install any plugins on your own.

And if you still want more speed, there are some upgrades available, such as CDN, that will boost your site’s speed even further. Also, Flywheel has experts that can access your website’s speed, and give you advice on how to improve it, pre-launch.

Website security is one of the key selling points of the Flywheel hosting company. They even have a downloadable case-study on their website that shows just how good, and hack-proof Flywheel security is. With them, you never need to install any security plugins and updates, they will do everything for you, at the server level. They also encourage you to use strong passwords, limit login attempts, and block certain IP addresses, known to be used for spam and hacking. And if your website actually does get hacked, Flywheel is proud to say that any malware removal is completely free of charge. And every Flywheel plan comes with a free SSL certificate, which is nice.


Flywheel has two tiers of plans- one has single-site packages, intended for individual users; other tier includes bulk plans, that are better suited for resellers.

  • Single site plans – One WordPress installation:

Flywheel Hosting Plan

  • Bulk plans – intended for multiple WP installations (10+)

Flywheel Bulk Hosting Plans

Every Flywheel plan comes with a free SSL. Some of their advanced features that are included in better plans, but optional for cheaper ones include a CDN (improves WordPress speed), Staging site (for testing), WP Multisite and few other Flywheel unique features.


Since it is a WordPress dedicated hosting company, Flywheel only employs WP experts that meet the highest standards. Whenever you get stuck, you can expect to quickly get in touch with WP engineers with lots of experience, that will definitely solve all of your issues. As we have mentioned before, Flywheel does free nightly backups and does free malware cleanup. They also offer free website migrations. Since this is a fully managed hosting, you don’t have to worry about anything. You can contact them via phone, live chat, email, or ticket services. However, telephone and live chat support are only available during working hours. They are active on the social networks too, and you can use Tweeter to get support. And if you are the type that likes to solve problems on your own, check the knowledge base, it is really rich, and even includes some ebooks.

Bottom line:

We like Flywheel, it is an overall great company. If you are looking for a dedicated WordPress hosting solution, but you don’t have the money (or you don’t need) for WP Engine, Flywheel will do an excellent job for you. It has a few flaws, but it is still a solid pick, and you will not have any issues with them.



SiteGround is a regular hosting company, and not strictly a WordPress solution- WordPress hosting is not their only business focus. This is a slight drawback when compared to WP Engine and Flywheel, which are specialized WP solutions. But that’s it; it doesn’t mean that the SiteGround is not good, on the contrary- if it wasn’t good, it wouldn’t be on our list of best-hosting companies.

Uptime, Speed & Security:

SiteGround has one of the best uptimes in the whole hosting industry, and numerous independent tests show this. 99.9% is guaranteed by the company, but you can expect to get even better than that. If your website breaks down for more than 0.1% annually, you will get free hosting (how much depends on the downtime). You can choose the data center to be used for your website- Chicago (default), Amsterdam, Milan, London, and Singapore are options. This is a fantastic option since it allows you to choose server location based on the privacy laws- if you are concerned about the NSA, choose a Europe based location. This choice is available for all SiteGround users, even those with the cheapest, shared plans.

SiteGround has high-end servers, and it shows in the site speeds. You can expect to get one of the fastest WordPress hosting providers, with website speeds that are much better than the industry’s standards, without any lag spikes.

SiteGround has excellent security too. Their WordPress experts will monitor your website for any exploits and vulnerabilities and will do the updates for you since all their WP plans are managed, so no need for you to install any security plugin. SiteGround support team also does backups, on a daily basis, allowing quick restore if something comes up. However, restore is not free in all plans. A free SSL is there with all plans, to give your users a piece of mind when handling their credit cards. There are some additional security tools- SG Site Scanner, SiteCheck, anti-spam, Leech Protect, CDN, hotlink protection, and IP blacklisting are all there. When it comes to WordPress, everything is monitored at the server level, with strict rules. Server-level scans will ensure that all the popular plugins get checked before you are allowed to install them.


SiteGround is not only a WordPress hosting company but for the purposes of this article, we will review only their WP packages. They have three:

Siteground Hosting Plans

As you can see, plans are quite affordable; the most basic SG plan is almost 10x cheaper than the most basic WP Engine plan. But for the money you pay, you’ll get quite a bit. Some of the better functions SG offers are One-Click Staging (great for testing before going live), SG-Git WP repo creation, SG SuperCacher for improving speeds, and an SG specific Special Cache WP plugin. All things considered, a good amount of features for a very decent price.


SiteGround has terrific customer support. They have WP experts available and even offer multi-language assistance, in English, Spanish and Italian. The cool thing about SG support is that it goes beyond simple hosting issues- you can contact them if you have any CMS related problem. Their support team will do daily backups, site migrations, WP updates and malware checkups all free of charge. You can search for answers on your own, in the FAQ, knowledge base and forums, but if you get stuck, contact them via phone, live-chat, tickets or email- they are known to respond really fast.

Bottom line:

SiteGround is a great hosting solution, not only for WordPress websites. With good site uptime, fast speeds, high-security standards, terrific support, and affordable pricing, it rightly deserves a spot on our best hosting companies list.

InMotion Hosting

InMotion is one of the biggest and most popular hosting providers in the world. It is a veteran in the hosting industry, founded back in 2001, and has earned the trust of millions of users by now with quality hosting services. It is not a dedicated WordPress hosting provider- it hosts any type of website- but it has some excellent WordPress packages which we will review later.

Uptime, Speed & Security:

InMotion gives 99.9% guarantee (but check the fine print of each plan to make sure) on its uptime, but it regularly goes above that. If it fails beyond this threshold, you will get credited back with free hosting. Numerous independent tests show even better uptime than guaranteed, and you can check online yourself to see how satisfied InMotion’s users are. InMotion owns two state-of-the-art data centers- one on the East, and the other on the West coast. Some VPS and Business plans let you choose which data center to use, but not all (SiteGround offers this option with every package). InMotion has the “Green Server” technology, which significantly lowers their pollution output. The hosting company is a huge pollutant, and InMotion is one of the first “green” hosting companies that took this issue seriously, and kudos to them for doing that.

InMotion has excellent security, that will protect your website from spam, brute force, DDoS, Dos, and other malice. They have a unique security system, called TDS, that serves real-time protection against DDoS- it continually scans, detects and stops attacks. This system is developed by the Corero Network Security, an InMotion’s partner, and it is one of the most powerful protection systems in the whole hosting industry. WordPress package users can also install a free Sucuri plugin, to scan their websites. But, if something that you want to avoid does happen, fear not- InMotion does daily backups, and you can always restore it to a previous state.

InMotion has excellent uptime and security, but the one thing it is known for is website speed. InMotion really has top of the line servers (powered by Dell), and it shows in impressive loading times. Also, every InMotion plan has SSD storage, which pushes the load speeds even further. The speeds are critical not only for the experience of (impatient) users but for SEO purposes too- Google likes fast servers. WP users will love to hear that InMotion has their own caching system, which significantly improves site performance. You can also use an NGINX server to get even more out of your WordPress website.


Inmotion Web Hosting Plans

InMotion WP plans start from $4.99/mo and go up to $114/mo.

InMotion plans offer a free domain, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited email accounts. Each package has free SSD storage, 40-240 GB can handle 20.000-1.200.000 visitors each month, on 1-20 websites. Every plan comes with WP preinstalled, of course, and you can use the simple drag-and-drop WP website builder, called BoldGrid. For testing purposes, you will have access to a WP staging website. For improved customer security, SSL is included, for free. Each plan grants you SSH access too. You can opt for automatic WP updates, and the plugin updates are done for you. Only their cheapest WP plan doesn’t have a subscription for premium themes and plugins, all other plans do. Their best WP packages include a dedicated IP address. There are even some cool features like Google Advertisement credits, to boost your site’s online presence.


InMotion has terrific customer service, especially considering how big the company is. It has millions of users, but still, you will always be able to reach them in a matter of minutes. You can get in touch via phone, live chat, email, and you can use online tutorials and forums if you want to look up for answers on your own. Knowledgebase on their website is really something, and even users of other hosting providers can benefit from the information InMotion offers there. They have a YouTube channel too, that is filled with tutorial videos and how-to guides. WordPress users will like to hear that InMotion has a dedicated team of WP experts to customers who use their WP plans.

Bottom line:

InMotion is a huge company, that is doing the right things for more than 15 years. Their resume is perfect, and the number of customers is steadily rising. No, it is not a WordPress-only hosting provider, but still, their offer of WP plans is excellent, and quite affordable, especially considering the quality to price ratio.



Those were our top 5 picks for the top-rated WordPress hosting companies. They are all excellent choices, but in our opinion, WP Engine is the best option. It is expensive but still well worth the money. You will have a dedicated team of WordPress engineers at hand all the time, ready to assist you with any issue you have with either installation, WordPress plugins, or something else. (You can also check our guide on how to install WordPress if you fancy doing it on your own).

If WP Engine goes over your budget, the next best option is Flywheel. This too is a dedicated WP hosting provider, but quite cheaper than WP Engine, so it has a good price/quality ratio.

The other two companies, SiteGround and InMotion, are not WordPress specialized, but still, provide quality service. SiteGround is a better choice; however, if the budget is your main issue, you will be just fine with InMotion.