Changing your WordPress password is an essential part of maintaining the security of your website or blog. Watch the video to learn how to change WordPress password via the Dashboard.

How to change WordPress Password

Here’s a written summary of the steps covered in the video.

Note that these steps are for changing your password when you have access to your WordPress admin area. If you are currently unable to login at all, read this article instead.

You can change your WordPress password from your dashboard by going to Users > Your Profile.

In the profile page, scroll down to the bottom to see the options to enter a new password. Enter your password, and then repeat it in the next input box.

As you type in your password, there is a strength indicator showing you if your password is strong or weak. To create a strong password, ensure what you type includes numbers, upper and lowercase letters, and special characters(/.,+#)

When done, click Update Profile.

WordPress tip

Did you know that regularly changing your password is a great way to defend your website against unauthorized access or hacking? Selecting a password that is a mixture of letters, symbols and numbers offers the best protection. WordPress has a handy strength indicator that can help show you how secure your new chosen password is.