How to Install WP Using WordPress One-Click Install

WordPress One-Click Install

— Learn the various ways to use WordPress One-Click Install to setup your site —

Web hosting companies now offer automatic one-click installations. So, if you have never been a fan of the “famous five minutes” WP installation, this one is for you. In a few clicks, you can get WordPress up and running.

In this guide, we’ll show you some of the most popular WordPress installers and how to use them.


  1. WordPress one-click install: What is it?
  2. What to do before installing WordPress
  3. How to login to your WP cPanel
  4. One-click WordPress Installers
  5. What Next after installing WordPress?
  6. Conclusion.

WordPress one-click install: What is it?

WordPress one-click install has just one purpose — to simplify the entire WordPress installation process.

Installing WordPress manually requires downloading WordPress, unzipping the file, installing FTP, transferring files, etc. If you are just getting started with WordPress, this process may not appeal to you.

Now, we have WordPress one-click install. This method lets you quickly install WordPress in a few clicks. Softaculous, Fantastico, Installatron, and QuickInstall are some of the most popular one-click installers available. We’ll discuss each one of them soon.

What to Do Before Installing WordPress

Although installing WordPress via this method is pretty easy, there are two things to do first. Number one — get a domain name from a domain registrar. This will be your site’s address through which people can access your website (e.g., BlueHost, Hostgator, and NameCheap, are just a few of the thousands of domain registrars available.

The second thing you need after a domain name is a web host.  Your hosting company provides everything your website needs to be accessible via the internet. There are so many web hosts available.

So, when selecting one, look out for the 3S’s  — Security, Speed, and Support. Your hosting company should provide these three remarkably well.

How to Login to Your WordPress cPanel?

To use any of the WordPress installers, you’ll need to login to your WordPress cPanel. cPanel is a software designed to simplify server and website management.

Normally, after signing up for a hosting plan, you should receive a welcome email. This email contains a link to your cPanel and your login credentials. So, to access your cPanel, click on the link, enter your username, enter your password, and you’re in.

If you can’t find the mail, there’s another way to access your cPanel.  Simply type your domain name in your browser and add :2082 or :2083 to it.

If you already purchased an SSL certificate on your domain, use 2083. Like this —

Otherwise, use 2082. Like this —

You’ll have to contact your hosting provider for your login details.

cpanel login

To learn more about the function of cPanel, read this article on cPanel for WordPress.

One-Click WordPress installers

Shortly, we’ll be discussing four (4) one-click installers, namely, Softaculous, Installatron, QuickInstall, and Fantastico.

Which one should you use? The answer depends on your WordPress hosting provider. Some web hosts offer Softaculous alone, and that’s enough. Others offer Installatron, Fantastico, and so on.

Your web host may have another auto-installer different from these four (4), and it’s okay. Most 1-click installers have similar operations.

Let’s get started.

Softaculous – WordPress One-Click Install

Softaculous is a powerful commercial script library that is used to simplify the installation of commercial and open web applications. It is an auto installer that features 437 scripts and 1115 PHP classes.

The installer runs on many web hosting control panels like cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, ISP System, H-Sphere, Interworx, CentOS WebPanel, and Hosting Controller.

The installation of a web application like WordPress becomes really easy with this software. Fill in some details, make a few clicks, and it handles the rest.

Softaculous is fast, well-designed, and installs all scripts in one step. It also provides demo screens so users can catch a glimpse of what the web application looks like. Users can also view ratings and reviews of web applications before making a choice.

SiteGround, InMotion Hosting, GreenGeeks, HostPapa, and A2 Hosting use this app in their control panel.

Install WordPress Using  Softaculous

You don’t have to bother about installing Softaculous if your web hosting company already provides it.

To get started, log in to your cPanel account and look for ‘Softaculous’. The location of the installer may vary.

How to install WordPress using one click installers

Clicking on it will launch the app. Next, go to Blogs >> WordPress on the left side of your screen.

Installing WordPress with softaculous

The resulting page gives you an overview of WordPress. Click ‘Install Now’.

Install WordPress now

Next, you’ll be required to fill these fields:

WordPress version: WordPress comes in different versions. For your good, select the latest WP version.

Installation URL: this field has two boxes — Protocol and Domain. As protocol, select https:// or https://www if you have SSL on your website, otherwise select http:// or http://www. Your domain is your website address on which you want to install WordPress.

Choose installation URL - installing WordPress using one click installers

Scroll to the ‘Site Settings’ section and enter your –

Site Name: Give your website a title. It can be anything.

Site Description: A simple description of your WordPress website.

Admin Username: Set a username through which you can log into your site’s backend.

The admin Password: Create a strong password for logging into your website.

Admin Email: Enter your email here.

Check the box to enable multisite (WPMU).

Configure your site - installing WordPress using one click installers

In the next section, select language and plugin(s).

Select language and plugins

In the Advanced Options section, fill in your database name, Table Prefix, and backup location. You may also enable auto-upgrades, email notifications, and automatic backups.

Finally, hit the ‘Install’ button. Installation begins at this point. Closing your browser window before completion can interfere with the whole installation process. 

Installatron – WordPress One-Click Install

This is another software that simplifies the installation and management of web applications through a graphical interface and automation tools.

It is a one-click web application installer and is compatible with Windows, Linux, and BSD. You can have a website of your own and deploy more than 50 free web scripts in just a few clicks. All these without any technical experience.

Installatron lets you install these categories of scripts: blogs, content management systems, forums, photo galleries, shopping carts, survey systems, and a lot more.

Installatron comes in three categories — Installatron plugin, Installatron remote, and Installatron server.

If your hosting company does not offer access to Installatron through the control panel, Installatron remote will come in handy.

Together, let’s see how to install WordPress when your host provides Installatron and when they don’t.

How to Install WordPress Using Installatron (Remote)

Use these steps to install WordPress if your hosting provider does not provide Installatron.

Step 1

Visit Installatron’s official page and click on the “Installatron Remote” tab.

Installatron's official page

Step 2

Click ‘Get started‘, located at the top right corner of your screen.

Installatron remote

Step 4

Scroll down to the ‘App for Content Management‘ section and select WordPress. This will take you to the WordPress overview page.

/install WordPress using installatron

Step 5

Then, click ‘install this application‘.

Install WordPress in one click

Step 6

Fill these fields:

Install location: this the URL where you want to install WordPress.

Protocol: choose from among these four — SSH, FTP (with TLS and SSL), FTP, and SFTP

Then, fill in your IP address or hostname, username, and password (your hosting provider can provide these details).

Fill in all required details

Next, scroll to the ‘version‘ section of the page. Select the version of WordPress you want to install, accept the license agreement, and enable or disable automatic updates & backup.

Configure WordPress

Create a database through your web hosting provider’s control panel and enter the information in the ‘Database section. Select the database type (WordPress uses MySQL databases), database host, database name, username, and password.

Create a database

The setting section lets you personalize WordPress further. Enter your admin username, password, email, site title, and tagline. You can also enable/disable two-factor authentication, limit login attempts, and enable multi-site.

Further configurations

Finally, would you want to manage your advanced settings yourself; or would you prefer if it’s done for you? Managing it yourself means you’ll set your email notification, default backup location, and automatic backup settings yourself.

complete installation

Finally, hit the ‘Install‘ button. If you followed these steps, you have successfully installed WordPress using Installatron.

How to Install WordPress using Installatron (cPanel)

Step 1

Login to your cPanel account.

Step 2

Search for the ‘Installatron‘ button and click on it. (you won’t find this app if your hosting provider does not provide it).

Step 3

Click on the ‘WordPress‘ button. This will take you to a WordPress overview page.

Step 4

Click on the ‘Install this application‘ button. This takes you to the WordPress installation page. Enter your domain, protocol, username, password, and other required fields.

QuickInstall – WordPress One-Click Install

QuickInstall is another auto-installer used primarily by HostGator to ease the process of installing WordPress.

How to Install WordPress using QuickInstall

Step 1

Login to your hosting account’s cPanel.

Step 2

Search for QuickInstall using the Search bar and click on it. This takes you to the installers page.

Step 3

The left side menu lists all scripts and CMS’s you can install with QuickInstall. Click on ‘WordPress‘.

Step 4

Fill in your domain name, username, email, and the rest.

Step 5

Lastly, click on the ‘Install‘ button.

QuickInstall takes it from here and installs WordPress for you. You’ll know it’s a success when you get a congratulatory message with your username and password.

You may click on the ‘Login’ button to start setting up your site and sharing content.


Fantastico, just like the other installers, is used to make the WordPress installation process extremely easy.

How to Install WordPress using Fantastico

Step 1

Login to your cPanel dashboard

Step 2

Search for the ‘Fantastico’ icon, and click to launch the auto-installer.

Step 3

Go to Blogs >> WordPress by the left side of your screen.

Step 4

Hit the ‘Click here to install WordPress’ button to continue.

Step 5

Lastly, fill in your location details, WordPress admin details, as well as other details and click the “Submit” button. Voilà! You have successfully installed WordPress using Fantastico.

What next after Installing WordPress

Congratulations! You are now a WordPress site owner. While this calls for celebrations, let’s get a little busy familiarizing ourselves with this new site.

After installing WordPress, the first page you see is your WordPress dashboard. This is your admin panel where all the behind-the-scenes events take place.

WordPress Dashboard

The menu on the left side is called a Navigation menu. Each item on the menu serves a different purpose. Here are some of the most important items you’ll work with.

  • Posts — click “Posts” when you need to create a new post or view all your posts.
  • Media — this item lets you add new media (pictures, videos, etc,) to your site.
  • Pages — this section lets you add and manage your site’s pages.
  • Appearance — here, you can select your WordPress theme, customize it, and define how your website appears.
  • Plugins — when you need to install plugins and update them, come here. There are thousands of plugins available in the WP plugin directory. They include contact form plugins (to maintain constant contact between reader and web owner), backup plugins, security plugins, and many more.

Don’t expect to become familiar with your dashboard in one day. In other words, give yourself time. You’ll become a pro very soon. 

Conclusion – WordPress One-Click Install

Thanks to the 1-click install cPanel feature, WordPress sites are now pretty easy to create.

After Installation, you still have some roles to play. Connect with your audience via your posts, update your WordPress themes and plugins, watch out for WordPress errors, and fix them.

Should you at any time need help with keeping your website secure, uptime monitoring, speed, and other WordPress issues, we’ve got your back. Contact Fixrunner to get personal WordPress support services.

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