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14 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins Compared & Reviewed

best contact form plugins on wordpress


Contact forms are a bridge between you and the visitors of your site. They present an easy solution through which your customers can get to you, in an organized way.

If you are looking to add a contact form to your site, the best and the easiest way to do it is to install a contact form plugin.

In this article we will present you with a lot of options, best contact form plugins, both free and paid. There will be options for every budget and purpose, basic or advanced users. Make sure you read the whole article so that you can get the best type of contact form plugin for your business needs. All forms on this list are up to date and are compatible with any WordPress theme.


What To Look For When Browsing For A Contact Form Plugin

There are many features a good contact form plugin should have, besides fitting your budget. These should be priorities when you look for one:

  • Customization – you want to have options, as much as possible. Although some of you may want simplicity, it is a better idea to get a more advanced tool, if you can. You can always make things to look simple, but later on, you might consider adding more advanced features, and you don’t want to be restrained by your contact form plugin.
  • Conditional logic – your plugin should be “smart,” being able to recognize the behavior of the person filling the information, and reacting to it, showing different options for each selection.
  • Drag & Drop building – doing things visually, without code, is the way to go – in fact, the whole WordPress is switching to this drag and drop system, and there is no reason why you should not have a drag and drop contact form plugin.
  • File upload options – you might want your visitors to upload files, and the plugin should allow that.
  • Mobile friendly – most of the traffic is done through mobile devices, so make sure your site has fully responsive contact forms.
  • Anti-spam – lastly, make sure your plugin recognizes real humans from bots, in other words, it must have spam killing capabilities.


FixRunner’s Top Contact Form Plugins Compared:

  1. Contact Form 7
  2. Gravity Forms
  3. WPForms
  4. Caldera Forms
  5. Formidable Forms
  6. Ninja Forms
  7. Everest Forms
  8. Jetpack Contact Form
  9. Form Maker by WD
  10. Gator Forms
  11. HappyForms
  12. Ultimate Form Builder
  13. Quform
  14. CaptainForm


Contact Form 7

1. Contact Form 7 – Free

Contact Form 7 is the synonym for a contact form plugin, widely popular, and found on thousands of websites. The plugin is free, making it a terrific solution for smaller sites and businesses that are just starting out.

It is quite basic, but it gets the job done for most users. It has extensive documentation that will introduce you to every aspect of it, which is quite surprising for an entirely free plugin, with no premium options. To protect your site from spam, WordPress Contact Form 7 has CAPTCHA integration. You can also allow visitors to add files, quiz them, and you can create buttons and checkboxes, and customize form menus. All of this, free.

Gravity Forms

2. Gravity Forms – (Premium $59 to $259 per year)

Gravity Forms gives a lot of options and is suitable for more advanced users. With it, and its add-ons, you can create surveys, quizzes, let your users attach files, and it even supports web directories.

Gravity Forms supports conditional logic, multi-page forms, and also plenty of third-party integrations for various services. Gravity Forms has more than 30 form fields you can choose from. There is also a lot of documentation, FAQ section, and help available on forums.

The issue with it is that it is premium-only, and can be quite expensive if you are using it for only one website.


WPForms Drag & Drop Form Builder for WordPress

3. WPForms – Free (Premium $39 to $299 per year)

Another easy to use solution, WPForms will get the job done. This simple plugin is precisely what most websites need. Even those on a budget, as it is free and available in the official WordPress store.

The plugin supports conditional logic, signatures, and your visitors can submit content. WP Form also has survey and poll capabilities, with interactive reports and several rating types. There are more than 150 templates you can use to create your contact form.

If you use other marketing services, you should know that WPForms is compatible with most of them. There is also a premium version of this plugin, that broadens the capabilities spectrum, adding things like multi-page forms, payments, orders and similar. But the free version will give you more than enough options to start with, and we recommend you check it.


Caldera Forms More Than Contact Forms

4. Caldera Forms – Free (Premium $14 per month)

Caldera Forms is a terrific free WordPress form builder plugin that generously gives plenty of features you can only find in other, premium plugins.

Among other, these features include conditional logic and date pickers, multi-page forms, entry tracker and anti-spam.

The paid version will give you even more, such as email marketing capabilities, A/B testing, SMS notifications, and payment gateways. You can either get a bundle or pay for each add-on, depending on your needs.

All in all, the free version of Caldera Forms will offer plenty of features that will satisfy 90% of smaller websites – anything missing can be found in the paid plans and extensions, making this plugin one of the most complete contact form systems out there.


Contact Forms, Surveys & Quiz forms by Formidable

5. Formidable Forms  – Free (Premium $49 to $399 per year)

FormidableForms plugin goes a step further than just collecting data. It uses it in various ways, allowing you to create listings, directories, or implement it in other purposes. There is also an option to create charts and graphs from the data collected. You can display and filter the received data in different ways through the Views option.

Everything is easy to build, you just need to drag and drop, without HTML. Also, your users can add new fields if they find necessary, on the fly, and on the frontend. FormidableForms supports multi-page forms with a progress bar, showing users how much more they need to fill, which is excellent for surveys. There are also plenty of integrations with other services like MailChimp, Salesforce, HubSpot.

FormidableForms free version will get you started, but to get all this plugin has to offer, you will need to purchase the premium version.


Ninja Forms The Easy and Powerful Forms Builder

6. Ninja Forms – Free (Premium $29 to $499 per year)

While Ninja Forms has a free option, the Premium one is what makes this plugin stand out. The free version will do just fine if you want basic contact forms. It has some nice features to make forms blend into your site design.

The premium Ninja Forms will unlock conditional logic, multi-part forms, layouts, user uploads, direct payment collection and more. There are 40+ add-ons that you can purchase individually or bundle in a membership plan. Ninja Forms is fully compatible with other services such as MailChimp, Zapier, SalesForce, SMS Notifications, Freshbooks and more.

Ninja Forms is an advanced option for people who are wanting more from their contact forms, and who are willing to pay a bit to get those functions.


Everest Forms Easy Contact Form and Form Builder for WordPress

7. Everest Forms – Free (Premium $49 to $249 per year)

Everest Forms is a drag & drop contact form builder that has an abundance of features. It is a very beginner-friendly plugin, and you will not need any advanced technical skills to customize your forms with it. But if you like, you can use shortcodes to customize it.

Everest Forms is fully responsive, no matter the device or screen size. You can create an unlimited number of forms, with checkboxes, radio buttons, drop-down menus, as well as redirections all withing multiple column layouts. There is also a Premium option that adds more features such as advanced fields for uploading files, MailChimp support, PayPal, Geolocation, multi-part forms and more.

What’s more, Everest Forms is frequently updated, and very fast and lightweight, and won’t affect the performance of your site.


Jetpack Contact Form

8. Jetpack Contact Form – Free

Jetpack is so much more than a contact form plugin, but it has that function too. It’s one of the best WordPress plugins for all purposes. Because you have a bunch of reasons to have Jetpack installed on your site – from security to convenience – running contact forms through this plugin is a good idea.

Jetpack contact forms are very simple, but they do the job fine. You can attach them to any page, and there are a few customization options, both regarding the buttons, and the looks of notifications. You can add contact forms with one click since the button will show on every post you make. Also, this plugin integrates with Akismet, keeping spam away, and it’s completely free.


Form Maker by WD responsive drag & drop Contact Form Builder

9. Form Maker by WD – Free (Premium $30 to $99 per month – 6 months)

Form Maker combines an easy to use drag and drop interface with a deep bag of powerful features, making it very flexible for different users and site types.

This plugin lets you build various kinds of forms on the same site, the free version letting you build up to 7 form fields. You will also have the option to create surveys and questionaries, getting direct feedback from your customers.

There is also a Premium option and paid add-ons that will significantly broaden the functionality. You can add unlimited fields, Geotags, as well as payment integrations, and allows your users to submit files. The premium option also has conditional fields, and more configuration options for themes plus custom CSS, header changes and plenty of else. Form Maker is responsive and will adjust to all screen sizes.


Gator Forms the WordPress Contact Form with bite

10. Gator Forms – Free (Premium $29 to $69 per year)

Gator Forms is a user-friendly and free solution that lets you set up forms in a just five clicks. But if you want something more custom, you can create your own forms using the drag & drop builder.

Gator Forms has plenty of themes you can choose from, customizing them to your liking. There are different layout options, and you can either have the contact form fixed, let it hover, slide, however you like. Also, Gator Forms has spam protection, but without captcha, and it allows your users upload files. You can create page redirects, ticket systems, send email copies to senders, customize drop-down menus, customize auto-opening of contact forms and much more.

There is also a Pro option, which is quite affordable, making Gator Forms a very budget-aware solution.



11. HappyForms – Free

We like genuinely free plugins, such is HappyForms, which don’t have a premium option, and they don’t try to lure you into spending money.

What makes HappyForms special is that it blends seamlessly with WordPress, and you don’t have to adapt to a new design, it looks exactly like everything else in this CMS. You can create your forms via drag & drop, or you can use shortcodes to implement forms anywhere on your website easily. And it even has anti-spam capabilities. Also, the birds-eye messaging system makes sure you never miss anything, keeping things organized through filters.

This plugin is extremely lightweight and fast, and if you are looking for something simple that gets the job done, and don’t want to spend any money, HappyForms is your best bet.


Ultimate Form Builder

12. Ultimate Form Builder – Free (Premium $32 up to 6 months of support)

Ultimate Form Builder by AccessPress has both a free version that you can find on the WordPress market. Also, a Premium one, located on CodeCanyon.

The free version lets you create an unlimited number of forms on six predesigned templates. There are ten different form fields you can edit, using drag and drop. The plugin is fully responsive, and very user-friendly, with a lifetime of free updates.

Premium version will expand the features, giving you multi-step forms, more HTML fields and custom elements, including surveys and email notifications. It also supports conditional logic, AJAX forms has auto-reply capabilities and redirects. Considering the affordable price tag, it is well worth the money.


Quform - WordPress Form Builder

13. Quform – (Premium $29 or $145 for extended license)

Quform is a premium plugin, and you can buy it on the CodeCanyon market. This advanced tool lets you quickly create complex contract forms. This can be anything from contact, all the way to booking forms, all without coding. All functions and fields are added by one-click and drag & drop. Multi-page forms, buttons, email notifications, conditional logic, user attachments, migration tools, checkboxes and radio images with background images are some of the features Quforms have.  

Everything you create with this plugin is going to be responsive and will look equally good on all screen sizes. Quforms is a terrific example of a premium plugin that packs a tone of features in a very affordable package.


Forms by CaptainForm

14. CaptainForm – Free (Premium $35 to $195 per year)

CaptainForm is a very intuitive drag and drop form builder. With a rich gallery of 30+ templates that you can customize to your liking. This plugin also supports the highest security standards, making sure nothing leaks, and no spam goes through. SSL, passwords, and CAPTCHA are responsible for that.

Also, CaptainForm has plenty of integrations with popular services such as Google Drive, Zendesk, Stripe, MailChimp and others. With this plugin, you can create anything from a simple contact form to customer surveys, lead generation forms, appointments, everything fully customizable and responsive.

If you want to get all the features, you need to go premium and purchase one of their three yearly plans, depending on the number of websites you have. But since it has so many options, CaptainForm is a great value purchase. However, if you are interested in a free plugin, you can always get it on WordPress.



For most websites, contact forms are a must -have, and there is definitely something for everyone on our list, no matter what your budget is. All WordPress plugins we showed are very user-friendly, and you should have no issues installing and configuring them.

But, if things don’t go your way, don’t hesitate to contact us. FixRunner provides WordPress support for a worldwide customer base, swiftly and professionally, and we will make sure your website runs smoothly, without any downtime. For more WordPress tips check our WP Blog WordPress College.