Best WordPress Booking Plugins

6 Best WordPress Booking Plugins

Best WordPress Booking Plugins

Introduction to WordPress Appointment Booking Plugins

Do you run a business that functions by scheduling appointments or accepting online bookings? Do you have a WordPress website? You have come to the right place! In this article, we will present you with the best WordPress booking plugins. These will simplify the whole process for both you and your customers, and they work with almost every WordPress theme. Let’s find you the best WordPress plugins for your needs!

1. Booking Calendar Plugin

Booking Calendar WordPress Plugin

If you want a proven plugin, “WP Booking Calendar” should be your choice. This plugin is around for almost ten years. By now it had over a million downloads. Actually, this was the first booking plugin on the WordPress market, and it is still going strong to this day.
This plugin makes it easy for your visitors to check the availability of your property. They can also see free days in your schedule and book an appointment. After that, customers can fill in the form and complete the booking, nice and simple.
Booking Calendar is very flexible and can fit a wide range of businesses. The design of the app is also adjustable and will blend into the design of your website. It is mobile-friendly and looks equally good on any device. In the Booking admin panel, you will be able to analyze and manage every made booking. Preventing double booking is possible by setting only one reservation per day.
You can allow your users to create an unlimited number of bookings on the same day. Also, you can set up email notifications, both for you, and your customers. You can sort bookings by several parameters, and also use the search option. The booking dashboard will also let you see all the new reservations in one place.
WordPress Booking Calendar has native integration with Booking Manager plugin. You can import and export files between them. You can also import/export files from/to other popular platforms. Platforms like Booking, TripAdvisor, Airbnb and similar. You will likely use many of them if you are in the accommodation business.
WP Booking Calendar plugin gives you many customization options. And you can set everything up to fit the needs of your system. Yet, if this sounds complicated to you, don’t worry. The plugin works out of the box, plug-and-play, and it will do the job very good even with the default settings. Definitely a great online appointment solution.

2. Bookly WordPress Plugin

Bookly WordPress Plugin

Bookly is an automated booking and scheduling system for WordPress. If you are a regular Google Calendar user, you will love this plugin, as it has Google Calendar sync. With it, you can manage the staff workload and hours, as well as any bookings. All this makes WordPress appointment and booking more than a simple booking app. The sync is two-way, both Google calendar to Bookly, and vice-versa. This saves you a lot of time and effort. You do not have to worry about which app you have used to note your appointment. All of the features make Bookly a great WordPress appointment booking plugin.
Appointment booking system has a user-friendly admin panel. It lets you run your business even when you are not on your PC since it is mobile-friendly. It’s optimized for mobile devices. And it looks and works excellent on different screen sizes. It is available in 10 languages through WPML. And it is an excellent option if you, for example, own a hotel, and have guests from all over the globe.
Bookly is a WordPress booking plugin with the online payment system. Integration with all popular payment systems. It makes the booking and payment process fast and hassle-free.
Bookly has a great notification system. And you can set it up to notify your clients about any pending, approved or canceled bookings. You can also receive the same email notifications too.
It has integrations with WooCommerce, the most popular WordPress eCommerce plugin. You can set up and use some of their many payment gateways.
If your business has a big, ever-changing customer base. You will be glad to hear that Bookly has an excellent and easy to use customer base management system. It allows you to rapidly change things up. You can add and delete customer accounts. Creating private notes, and import and export whole customer lists are options too.
Booking WordPress plugin also allows you to run marketing campaigns. You can start distributing coupons or creating time-sensitive offers. This is excellent for rewarding loyal customers, as well as bringing in new ones, by showing that you care.
Bookly appointment booking plugin is also suitable for managing staff. It allows you to set flexible payrolls, and make custom schedules. You can also set different prices for each member.
As you can see, Bookly WordPress plugin is a comprehensive software, which offers a lot. Unfortunately, if you want to get the most of it, you will have to pay for the pro version. The free version of this plugin is not good enough.

3. Team Booking

Team Booking Plugin

Team Booking is another app that gives you the opportunity to run your online bookings through Google Calendar. This is a very convenient solution for people who already use this service. Yet, Team Booking is the only plugin that allows you to *plan* your activities with the Google Calendar. Most others only sync from, and to it.
Team Booking lets you operate on two levels. As the admin, you will be able to run the plugin, create the services, and manage the staff. As a co-worker, your tasks will include choosing the services, planning your availability and handling the reservations. This makes Team Booking a good option if you need service providers. Everything will be reserved in their Google Calendar too.
All the events you create in the Google Calendar become free slots on your website. You can organize events into three classes. These are single appointments, events with tickets and unscheduled services.
Team Booking can send email notifications, both for you and your customers. You can also create customizable booking forms. Those enable your customers to fill in the required information and more.
A cool feature that this plugin has are “Google Maps“. With them, you can mark the event you’ve created in the Google Calendar on the styled map on your website.
Furthermore, Team Booking is fully optimized for mobile devices. It fits well and works terrific even on smaller screens. To make it even more user-friendly, you can translate it into many languages with .po files. Moreover, if you are a developer, you can edit the API, making a custom app.
Team Booking is one of the newer names in the WordPress booking plugin market, and it looks promising. It is a very affordable premium plugin too, and we recommend you to try it.

4. Webba Booking – WordPress Booking Plugins

Webba Booking

Webba Booking is designed for service providers. It is aimed to optimize their time while providing comfort for customers. This is a very flexible platform. Webba has an almost unlimited number of options. Still, it is so easy and enjoyable to use both for providers, and customers.
Webba has full Google Calendar two-way synchronization, that is done in real time. It makes sure no bookings are missed in the process. iCalendar transport protocol lets you share .ics files through emails, directly adding your new reservations.
You can set up separate time zones for customers all over the world. So no confusion is created while they make their online bookings. Also, if you have worldwide customers, you will be glad to hear that Webba Booking supports WPML.
It has some advanced booking functionality, such as making group bookings. Users can also make multiple bookings simultaneously. A different appointment duration is also an option. As well as cancellation and early booking limits. In this plugin, you can create unlimited appointment schedules for your whole team. With an unlimited number of staff appointments and staff members.
Webba Booking WordPress plugin has integrations with many popular services. Including PayPal and Stripe integration. As well as WooCommerce with all its payment gateways.
Webba Booking has excellent design presets, that you can further customize. It will allow you to create unique booking forms for your customers. This little changes will make your business stand out. It also has Contact Form 7 integration.
Webba Booking prides itself on its support system. Once you buy the plugin, you get 6 months of support included, which is really something. Also, once you install Webba Booking, it will stay updated forever. You will never need to buy any extra “premium version” add-ons.
Webba Booking WordPress appointment plugin is worth the investment. For the price, it offers a lot, especially considering six months of support it includes.

5. Pinpoint Booking System – WordPress Booking Plugins

Pinpoint Booking System

Pinpoint Booking System is primarily focused on renting accommodation. However, it is equally suitable for scheduling appointments, booking events and similar activities.
The best thing about it is the ease of use, as well as the clean interface that is self-explanatory. Customers can directly book everything inside the AJAX calendar. On-page booking will speed up everything. Because of that, your customers will never lose reservations in the booking process.
What makes Pinpoint Booking Unique is visible in its name. It allows you to share the exact location of the business on the Pinpoint website. That will make it more visible and more customers will be able to reach it comfortably. This is the reason why Pinpoint is better for renting than for events. It helps to build the online presence of your property. Perfect for renting villas, hotels, and other accommodation. Still, it can also work for doctors, lawyers, dentists, gyms spas and similar businesses.
The booking process is super simple. Your customers see open days and can schedule their appointment or make reservations. Also, Pinpoint online booking systems lets you create promotions, coupons, and discounts. Those will help you promote your business, boosting your marketing.
One last thing! Pinpoint Booking calendar plugin is fully optimized for mobile devices. It will work impressive no matter the screen size or device type.

6. BirchPress Scheduler – WordPress Booking Plugins

Birchpress Scheduler

This plugin is created with smaller business such as spas, personal trainers, and photographers in mind. It provides them and their clients an easy to use solution for managing appointments.
BirchPress Scheduler plugin works simply. You make a booking form on your website; your customers see available slots, fill in the form, and all done. Everything is embedded easily by using WordPress shortcodes.
The forms you create will be fully optimized for responsive WordPress themes. Everything will work equivalently good on mobile devices too. You can fully customize the forms based on the needs of your business. Add or remove fields, or require additional information, whatever suits you best.
You can create schedules, blocking off specific days for holidays or weekends. Creating page redirections is also an option. That will forward your customers to another destination once the booking is complete. Group bookings, as well as rescheduling and cancellation by customers, are also there.
You can also set staff appointments and bookings to show in different colors. That way they can be easily recognizable and separated from the rest. In the settings, you can change the email notifications for your staff too. They will get notifications whenever someone makes a booking. Also, you can set up booking details to be forwarded both to you and your customers.
BirchPress Scheduler supports PayPal,, and prepayment. These services make the whole payment process smooth. It also has WooCommerce integration. It supports multiple currencies and is available in ten different languages. That makes BirchPress Scheduler a perfect option for users worldwide.
BirchPress Scheduler plugin is free but also has premium plans. Yet, the free version is awesome, and you should definitely try it. You can later decide based on your own experience if it is worth upgrading to the premium version or not.

WordPress Booking Plugins – Conclusion

In this article, we have tried to present to you some great WordPress booking plugins.  Even dough they are similar to Event Calendar Plugins, Booking Plugins are unique in their own way. They all cover the basics – a well-designed and easy to use system that enables booking of appointments/accommodation/services. Yet, all have something that makes them stand out from the rest. Which one you choose is up to you. We advise you to try several and decide by testing which one best fits your business system.
If you encounter any difficulties with plugins or any problems with your WordPress website, don’t be hesitant to contact FixRunner. We offer WordPress Help in the shortest time possible.

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