WordPress Real Estate Plugins

WordPress Real Estate Plugins

Designing an appealing, fully-featured real estate website used to be a daunting task. You needed in-depth understanding of coding and web design. Thankfully, with the growth of WordPress and plugins, building a real estate website has become super easy.

Now, you can have an aesthetic, responsive, SEO friendly, and also powerful real estate website with WordPress. In this article, we’ll take you through how to create your real estate site using WP. You’ll also get to see the best WordPress plugins for this purpose:



Why WordPress

WordPress is an open source online tool used for creating almost any kind of website. It currently powers more than 35% of all websites on the internet. Truly, its flexibility and ease-of-usage makes it a preferred choice for many.
With WordPress, you can also build a fully featured real estate website without writing a single code.

How to Create a Real Estate Website With WordPress

In this section, we will briefly explain the steps to creating your WordPress real estate website. However, if you already have a site and want to learn about the best real estate plugins and how to use them, make sure to skip to the next section.

In addition, we recommend using WordPress.org for your real estate website. This is because WordPress.org gives you access to use all the plugins and features we will be discussing.

You can also read more about this on the differences between WordPress.org and WordPress.com.

Having said that, here is a step by step guide on creating a real estate site.

Step 1: Choose a Good Web Host

Firstly, get a good WordPress hosting provider. You need a fast, reliable, and affordable WordPress host. Ensure you make an informed decision. Check out our compilation of the best hosting companies.

Step 2: Register Your Domain Name

Secondly, you are to register your domain name. This is going to be your WordPress blog/website’s address. It’s best to stick to a name that is easy to remember.

You can use your name – such as www.meshealrealtor.com. Or you can use the name of your company – whichever works better for your needs.

Step 3: Install WordPress

With your host and domain name ready, the next step is to install WordPress. Learn how to install WordPress using 1-click.

Step 4: Choose a Real Estate Theme

There are tons of visually-appealing WordPress Real Estate themes to choose from. Some of them are absolutely free; while others are not.

Themes designed specifically for real estate Websites include Realhomes, houzez, and Homey.

Step 5: Use WP Real Estate Plugins

Real Estate Plugins can help you distinguish your website from your competitors. You should use one from a reliable plugin developer.  Fortunately, there are a number of trusted WordPress real estate plugins. They include;

The features and functions of each plugin will be discussed below.

WordPress Real Estate Plugins Compared

1.    Estatik Real Estate Plugin

Estatik Real Estate Plugin helps you to design an easy-to-customize real estate website. It is suitable for individual realtors and large real-estate companies alike. If purchased, you will surely be given a free theme and a set-up demo. 

Estatik Real Estate Plugin

With this plugin, your site visitors can:

  • Search properties based on popularity, date or price
  • Calculate mortgage 
  • View the location of a property on the map
  • They can also make payment online
  • Share on any social media platform
  • View the photo gallery and watch videos

However, there are four versions of Estatik to choose from. They are; Estatik simple (free), the Pro pack ($89), developers pack ($129) and the premium pack ($489). The features of each package are different. Visit the official website to learn more and choose your preferred package.

2. WP Real Estate Pro – WordPress Plugin

The WP Real Estate Pro is another plugin that can transform any WordPress site into a complete real estate website. The settings, templates, and pages are configured at the point of installation. Also, it was designed in a way that web developers can add new features without compromising speed and security.

WP Real Estate Pro plugin

Here are a few other reasons why WP Real Estate Pro certainly comes highly recommended:

  • It works with any WordPress theme
  • An advanced search feature is included
  • You can manage and create maps easily
  • Users can compare multiple listings on the same web page
  • It is responsive with a beautiful photo gallery
  • You can view more property details on the single listing page

You may download the free version. Also, you can get a license for 1 site ($63), 3 sites ($83), or unlimited sites ($93).

3. IMPress listings 

IMPRESS listings creates a listing management system for your WordPress real estate site. Its IDX (Internal Data Exchange), as well as MLS (Multiple Listing System) integration, makes it a great choice for Realtors.

IMpress Plugins

Here are a few benefits of IMPress plugin;

  • Users can search for properties based on location, property type or status
  • A map is generated the moment you enter the property’s latitude and longitude
  • It is compatible with any WordPress theme
  • A contact form is included for your site visitors 
  • It is an open source software

Although the plugin is free, you may choose to purchase some premium listing templates.

4. WPL Real Estate

WPL (WordPress Property Listing) is one of the most flexible as well as feature-rich real estate plugins.  It was designed such that you can effortlessly add, change or remove custom fields. Your finished website may look indeed like the picture below.

WPL Real Estate

Here are a few other features of the WPL Real Estate plugin:

  • Visitors can view listings in grid or vertical formats
  • Details of each property is displayed
  • Search Engine Friendly URLs are generated for each property
  • Visitors can get in touch with agents through a contact form
  • It also has a social sharing feature.

WPL Pro costs $199. 

5. Easy Property Listings

Easy Property Listings is an easy-to-use plugin packed with some rather advanced features to help you configure your real estate site.  It is flexible, fast and takes only a few minutes to configure. Additionally, your property listings are displayed beautifully on your website immediately after configuration. 

Easy Property Listings

Here are some most important reasons why the Easy Property Listing is a great choice:

  • Listings can be displayed in grid or list format
  • The package comes with hundreds of theme templates 
  • It is compatible with most WordPress themes
  • Largely flexible
  • Support other non-dollar currencies
  • SEO friendly

Although the regular plugin is free, there are extensions you may have to buy as time goes on.

6. Essential Real estate Plugin

Essential Real Estate Plugin

Essential Real Estate Plugin is a great tool for a stylish, flexible and modern real estate website. Some of its features include;

    • Email Listing Alerts
    • Compatible With WPML and Visual Composer plugins
    • Flexible Search options
    • Three payment Methods: Paypal, Wire Transfer, as well as Stripe 
    • Provides Map Directions to each property
    • 360 degree Virtual Tour.

This plugin is also free.

7. WP-property

WP-property may be described as a complete real estate management system. It was designed to create and manage a flexible property management and real estate website. Still, the plugin isn’t limited to real estate alone. It can also be used to showcase other entities as well like livestock, pets, vehicles etc.

WP propertu WordPress real estate plugins

Some features of the WP real estate plugin include:

  • Perfect compatibility with WordPress websites
  • Flexible templates for each property
  • User-friendly interface
  • You do not need to install third party gallery plugins 

You can download this plugin for free from the WordPress plugin directory.

8. Home Value WordPress Plugin

Home value WordPress Plugin is another easy-to setup real estate software. It provides an impressive lead management system for its users. Also, it is highly flexible and has a property valuation feature added to it.

Home value WordPress real estate plugins

This plugin is also free to download and use.

9. Toolset Real Estate

We can describe the Toolset Real Estate Plugin as an all-in-one package. Your real estate website certainly gets all the necessary features required to function well. Additionally, the Plugin integrates well with other plugins like WooCommerce, W3TC, Gravity forms, and WPML.

Toolset WordPress real estate plugins

Some of its other features include:

  • An advanced search function
  • Sliders displaying multiple properties
  • Integration with Google maps
  • Multiple languages
  • Compatible with the most recent version of WordPress
  • Easy to customize
  • It also looks good on any device

Your website users can also search for properties based on features, location or type of property.

This plugin comes in three categories. The most pocket friendly – Toolset Presentation goes for $69. While Toolset Interactive and Toolset Agency cost $149 and $299, respectively.

10. WP Amortization Calculator

This plugin may not be classified as a stand-alone real estate plugin for WordPress. However, it could be an awesome addition to your website. Its major function, as the name implies, is to help your site users calculate Mortgage, Auto and other kinds of amortized loans. 

WordPress real estate plugins-amortization calculator
Getting a regular license for this plugin will cost you $27 while the extended license costs $282.

Other Important Plugins for Your Real Estate Website

In addition to the plugins discussed above, there are a few other important plugins to use on your real estate site.

  • A WordPress Security Plugin – A security plugin is also a must for every WordPress website. They surely help keep your site secure and fortified against hacks and malware. You can also read our WordPress tutorial on security Plugins to learn more about security.
  • Backup Plugins for WordPress – Another plugin that is very important is a WordPress backup plugin. This is rather necessary for your real estate website. Learn more about WordPress backup plugins.  
  •  A WordPress Contact Form Plugin To run a business, you need clients to be able to contact you with ease. Therefore, you need a contact form plugin to ease communication between you and your site users. Also learn more about WordPress contact form plugins.
  • A WordPress SEO Plugin an SEO plugin can really help increase the visibility of your website. Therefore, you should consider installing one. Read this guide on WordPress SEO to learn more.


Creating a Real Estate Website is not different from creating any other kind. Simply choose your web hosting provider, domain name, and real estate theme and plugins.

We have listed and discussed some of the best Real Estate Plugins for WordPress. You may choose just one of them for your website and go on to build your business.

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