The 15 Best Store Locator Plugins for WordPress Sites

The 15 Best Store Locator Plugins for WordPress SitesStore locator plugins for WordPress aim at connecting online businesses with brick-and-mortar shops. Practically, these plugins show the physical locations of your business to Internet users. A store locator plugin is mandatory for businesses with multiple locations. Also, it is a much-needed tool for a single location business.

The advantages of store locator plugins are substantial. First, it’s about ensuring the best user experience – both online and offline. These plugins show the nearest selling points, the opening hours, and the latest discounts. Many of them reveal the most straightforward and fastest ways to the destination. Shoppers are happy that they can visit a brick-and-mortar store to check the products before purchasing them.

Second, the store locator plugins provide a large set of customization options. Webmasters are satisfied that they have more opportunities to delight the site visitors. For example, webmasters can leverage filtering and searching systems, upload images and videos of the physical locations. It can also show the users’ ratings and reviews.

Generate More Revenue for Your Business

Third, store locator plugins generate more revenue for your business. The customers’ needs and expectations aren’t debatable. As a business owner, you know that the customers are always right, and you have to surpass their demands. Store locator plugins blend online and offline shopping and make it more enjoyable. ROPO effect – research online and purchase offline is a market movement that started a few years ago. Pandemic accelerated it, and entrepreneurs should adapt to this customer behavior. Practically, the online and offline are no more two separated entities. These are rather two components to delight the customers.

We have compiled for you an extensive list of the best store locator plugins for WordPress sites. Check each suggestion and find the best plugin for your needs. Pay attention that selecting the proper store locator plugin isn’t a simple decision. It impacts the business reputation and income revenue. Consider the features, price, users’ reviews, and your needs before purchasing the proper plugin.


Mapify - WordPress store locator plugins

Mapify is one of the most frequently used store locator plugins. The plugin comes in lite and premium versions. Download Mapify Lite either from the WordPress repository or the Mapify website. Test the free version to evaluate its potential. Use it confidently because you can seamlessly upgrade, and all your previous work will remain intact.

Mobile users will benefit from the same great user experience because the maps generated with Mapify are responsive. Therefore, you may focus entirely on adding your locations and customizing the appearance. Mapify Lite allows one map that is insertable wherever you want – on a page or a post. Adding text, images, or videos to your location is as simple as ABC. You have to upgrade if you need more maps on your site.

You can bulk upload the locations of your stores in .csv format with MapifyPro and add information – text, images, and videos – about each of them. Create an interactive map by using a custom image of your own, and use the map styles to match the site design. MapifyPro includes unlimited maps and locations. It also has an advanced filtering system and an interactive directory of all the map locations.

Spread the word about your physical stores by sharing the map locations on social media. Additionally, you can insert external links to each location.



I can hardly believe that this plugin won’t please you! It packages so many useful options that will impress even the most demanding users. There is no need to buy the plugin without checking it. Head to the plugin homepage and click on the Wp Admin demo button. In this way, you will be able to use the plugin as if you had paid for it, except for the fact that you can use it only for a demo project.

You can use Google Maps for displaying maps, but also vector and image maps. Map SVG plugin supports custom overlays on the maps from Google Maps. Therefore, you can add particular elements or animations.

The plugin goes the extra mile with its customization options. You can choose the width and height of the map, the colors, the regions, and the visibility of particular markers. Feel free to add as many categories and filters as you want. People with coding skills may write their own snippets of JavaScript to add extended functionality.

Thanks to its endless features, Map SVG is more than a WordPress store locator plugin. It works for data visualization, real estate, and listing projects.

YITH Store Locator for WordPress

YITH Store Locator for WordPress

YITH is the biggest independent seller of WooCommerce plugins, and for good reason. The plugins cover all the needs of an online store, and clients speak highly about them. YITH Store Locator for WordPress is among these plugins.

You have full control over the map – the plugin allows you to upload custom pins and set up their default position, the zoom level, and the search radius. Adding all your physical store locations and complete details about each other is as simple as ABC. Users can activate geolocation, and they get guidance to the closest store. A single click or hover is enough to trigger a pop-up displaying the needed information for customers (name, address, opening hours, and custom image).

Create categories and filters to help the users find the right store. This feature is of almost no importance for businesses with 2–3 stores. However, it’s golden for franchises with many physical stores.

Agile WordPress Store Locator

Agile - wordpress store locator plugins

Agile Store Locator is one of the best-rated store locator plugins for WordPress on CodeCanyon. An almost perfect rating and thousands of sales are quite impressive stats, so you should take a closer look at it. The demos are suggestive enough to understand what you can achieve with this plugin.

The plugin comes with four fully customizable templates. It makes a splash with a large set of map styles. You are required to configure the map language, time format, distance unit, search radius, and modal windows design. Some other options worth mentioning are:

– The possibility of importing/exporting store locations via CSV files
– Enable/disable clusters
– Custom fields for each store
– Support for RTL languages
– Analytics to find out the customers’ behavior

Agile Store Locator plugin has a free version on the WordPress repository. In addition to the plugin’s demos, you can get a complete idea about the potential of the premium version.

Advanced Google Maps Plugin for WordPress

Advanced Google Maps Plugin for WordPress

This store locator plugin distinguishes itself with its impressive number of features, the multiple modalities to customize the pop-ups, and the cool extensions. Start using the plugin by importing the stores from a CSV file. It saves a lot of time because you don’t have to insert the latitude and longitude of the store – the plugin does it automatically. The pop-ups displayed when the user clicks or hovers over a location are fully customizable. The plugin comes with a few good-looking templates, so you only have to personalize them with your own data. Draw shapes on the map and group the locations in clusters.

Only a few plugins, including this one, support different map settings depending on the screen size of the device used. For instance, you can select different zoom levels for smartphones and tablets. Besides, you may add two maps on the same page if needed. You can live without the plugin’s extensions, but these may help you in some instances. Search Widget for Google Maps is an extension that creates a search form and displays the results based on user input. Google Maps Skin Colors is an extension that provides more options to create cool color schemes to delight your users.

WP Store Locator

WP Store Locator

Give WP Store Locator a try if you don’t want to invest money in a WordPress plugin. It’s a serious competitor to premium plugins, even though it’s free of charge. It works for unlimited stores and there are no limitations to the details displayed for each store. Add opening hours, phone numbers, email, images, and custom data for each location – the same as other premium plugins offer. WP Store Locator groups the locations into clusters. It uses geolocation to provide indications to the users and shows the best driving directions to each store.

There are a few paid add-ons that extend the plugin functionality. CSV Manager is an add-on that allows the import/export of the store locations using a CSV file, and Statics helps you with actionable data about the users’ searches.

WordPress Store Locator

WordPress Store Locator plugins

Even though online shopping has grown tremendously in the last few years, people prefer to visit a brick-and-mortar shop and test the products to buy. WordPress Store Locator does a great job of this by connecting the products with the store inventories. It allows adding a “Find in a Store” button for products. That way people may shop for a particular item at their nearest store.

WordPress Store Locator plugin does more than that, though. It generates single pages for each store that may be linked to in the popup windows. Practically, the user clicks or hovers on a location, and it displays a window that provides information about that store. Next, anyone wishing to know more about that store may visit this page generated by the plugin, and view detailed data about the store. WordPress Store Locator packages all the must-have features of a store locator plugin. It lets you add unlimited stores, customize the maps, use geolocation, and import/export stores.

Super Store Finder for WordPress

Super Store Finder for WordPress

This is another highly-rated store locator plugin on CodeCanyon. Its price is affordable and you get a lot of value for your money. However, a few features common to WordPress store locator plugins are available in the form of paid extensions. For example, you must purchase an add-on to filter locations based on distance radius. Other plugins include this feature at no cost by default. In spite of that, the plugin is excellent; the rating and the number of sales speak for themselves – 4.83 out of five stars and 5,500+ sales.

The plugin supports unlimited stores and offers plenty of options to design the info windows displayed when the user clicks on a location. Besides relevant images of the stores and useful information, you can also upload videos, which is a pretty unique feature.

Store Finder for WooCommerce

Store Finder for WooCommerce

Does your online business, based on the WooCommerce plugin, operate in multiple locations? If so, you should take a look at a cool WooCommerce extension – Store Finder for WooCommerce. It will increase your sales after properly setting it up. Don’t worry, you don’t need coding skills to display your brick-and-mortar stores on the map. In fact, all you have to do is to paste a shortcode into a page or post. Another huge advantage of the Store Finder for WooCommerce is the option to display the products available at the physical locations. It’s a good way to persuade people to visit the stores.

This extension packages plenty of useful features. Some of them are custom markers, filtering, and turn-by-turn directions to navigate people to your closest store.

WP Google Maps

WP Google Maps - wordpress store locator plugins

This plugin has a free version available for download in the WordPress repository, but it is restricted to one map usage per website. You have to purchase the pro version to use multiple maps on your site. On top of that, the premium plugin comes with a larger set of features.

Unlike other plugins that work only with Google Maps, WP Google Maps works with both Google Maps and Open Layers Maps. You can choose between nine themes and four types of maps (roadmap, terrain, satellite, and hybrid) by using this plugin. Additionally, it supports Google Maps Street View Mode, which helps users get to your physical stores more easily. You decide the width and the height of the map; of course, you can also display a full-screen map.

WP Google Maps plugin includes customization options not only for the maps, but also for the location markers. Add information relevant to each store and create custom markers for them. List a user’s search results as a basic list, basic table, carousel, or advanced table.

10 Web Google Maps

10 Web Google Maps - wordpress store locator plugins

If you don’t like spending time customizing a store locator plugin, you should go for this plugin. It has a bunch of excellent features. Even the free version has an unlimited number of maps and markers. 10 Web Google Maps achieves very similar results to all the plugins on this list. In addition, it differs from other plugins with its ease of use and a clutter-free interface. Less experienced WordPress users will appreciate this aspect.

It includes six map types with no restrictions on the number and the design of the markers. Add directions for driving, bicycling, walking, and transit to help people benefit from a superior user experience.

Customizing the maps is simple and enjoyable. Go to your WordPress admin dashboard and create or select an existing map.

WordPress dashboard

Next, click on Settings and check each item on the menu. A map preview then gives you important information about your changes.

plugin settings

Google Maps Locator plugin for WordPress

Google Maps Locator plugin for WordPress

Google Maps Locator is another store locator plugin that comes with a plethora of map styling options. Thanks to its solid set of features, it fits for listing or directory projects. Use the icons and markers from the rich library of the plugin or add your custom map icons and markers. Add as much information as you need for each marker. The plugin includes everything you need to inform potential customers and drive them to your business’s physical locations. Text, images, videos, directions, and custom fields are your arsenal in this respect.

The end users also have a bunch of options to refine their searches. The search and filtering system lets them find the proper destination in no time. The search radius is intuitive and straightforward to use. Additionally, the multiple filters save precious time for users.

Locatoraid -WordPress Store Locator Plugins

Locatoraid - wordpress store locator plugins

Locatoraid is a store locator plugin that piques the users’ interest with its ease of use, generous free version, and lightweight format. Less experienced users won’t face significant issues setting up a map and populating it with markers. It’s wise to start with the lite version and upgrade if needed to avoid wasting money. The lightweight format is a much sought-after feature. Nowadays, loading speed matters a lot, and a lightweight plugin is invaluable.

The developers didn’t sacrifice the number of features to keep the plugin lightweight. Thankfully, Locatoraid packages a complete set of options to display the physical locations of your business. Even the free version doesn’t limit the number of locations and the configuration options. The premium plugin comes with bulk import/export of locations, custom fields, and custom map icons. On top of that, the paid version allows assigning products to locations (aka the “find in store” button).

Maps Marker

Maps Marker - wordpress store locator plugins

Maps Marker has a free version available on the WordPress repository. Pay attention that developers clearly stated that the support for the Leaflet Maps Marker – the lite version of Maps Marker, is limited. They recommend upgrading to get support and plugin improvements.

Visit the Maps Marker homepage and go to the Demo page. Create a profile and test the plugin. Most likely, it will blow you away with the ease of use and the incredible configuration options. For example, you can use multiple base maps and overlays. In this way, you may highlight cycling or hiking routes, distances, and directions to your business’s physical locations. Create clusters to avoid map overcrowding and add relevant filters to streamline the users’ searches.

WP Leaflet Maps Pro

WP Leaflet Maps Pro

The name of this plugin is similar to the name of the free version of the previous one. Yet, they are different, except that both help you display locations on a map.

This plugin comes with many options to add locations on a map, personalize them and help the user visit the physical locations. It also offers options to add unlimited points and customize the map markers and icons. The info windows are customizable, too. Once you finish the design part, you should make sure that the maps are functional. Implement a reasonable number of filters and stylize the result listing.

Wrapping Up – WordPress Store Locator Plugins

Millions of WordPress users have tested all of the 15 store locator plugins mentioned in this article. None of them are perfect, but users rated the plugins as excellent. It’s crystal clear that the plugins deserve your attention. This list contains new and old, free and premium, complex and straightforward, famous and rising star plugins, so you have enough alternatives for your project.

Of course, this article is not complete. We may have overlooked your favorite store locator plugin. Would you mind leaving a comment with it and a short description? Or did one of our suggestions pique your interest? Leave a comment with your exciting insights; we are eager to find out!

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