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2 Easy Ways To Add Nofollow Links in WordPress

So, you got this far making your site great. We showed you some of the more basic and advanced stuff. We also presented you with solutions on how to fix certain errors. Today, we will change the topic a little, and talk about a technique that can help you with your page ranking. Have you […]

How To Create Custom WordPress Widget – Complete Guide

In this article, we will be creating an extended version of the ‘Recent Posts’ widget ‘Custom WordPress Widget’. Also, in order to follow these instructions, you will need a working WordPress install on a local machine or a hosting server and a text editor, like Notepad++. So, the ‘Recent Posts’ widget is actually a part […]

How To Add GoDaddy A Record

When it comes to hosting websites, there’s a lot of tech jargon and terminology. It can be difficult to remember what everything means, because there’s so much information out there. You might have registered a domain name for your site and your site is already on the server, ready to amaze your visitors. Turns out […]