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How To Disable Comments on WordPress – 3 Easy Methods

If you are looking at how to disable WordPress comments, we’ve got you covered. Comments are an integral part of the WordPress experience. It’s a way for your site visitors to give their thoughts on your content and engage them to interact with the site. Search engines index the comments as well, so they can […]

2 Easy Ways To Add Nofollow Links in WordPress

So, you got this far making your site great. We showed you some of the basic and advanced stuff. We also presented you with solutions on how to fix certain errors. Today, we will change the topic a little, and talk about a technique that can help you with your page ranking. Have you heard […]

How To Add GoDaddy A Record – Step By Step Tutorial

You may have registered a domain name for your site and it is already on the server. You are ready to amaze your visitors. It turns out you need to connect those two and there’s a mention of some ‘A records’ and ‘DNS settings’. These terms might be somewhat or completely unfamiliar to you, which […]

How to set up Cloudflare SSL on WordPress

Free and Flexible Cloudflare SSL on WordPress. There are different types of SSL certificates. They also come at a different cost and some of them are free. To the untrained eye, they all do the same thing, which is, of course, not true. A free SSL certificate is usually a self-signed certificate and regardless of […]