Why WordPress? What Makes This Platform Popular?

Why WordPress - What makes this platform popular?

You may be wondering why WordPress has become the go to platform for so many people who want to create a website or blog. Of course there are clear reasons why the platform has become so popular, ranging from its simplicity, to the ability to customize WordPress to display just any design and perform just any function you require.

In this post, FIxrunner answers the question “Why WordPress?” and takes you through the reasons why this platform may be the best for your next web project.

Why WordPress Is Loved By Many

Here are the top reasons why WordPress takes the flag among website platforms:

It is very user-friendly

WordPress is easy to use even as a total newbie, especially with the help of FixRunner.com. Zak and our WP College videos can break-down all of the steps you need to follow to get your blog or website up and running. WordPress is thankfully free from coding, something that scares a lot of people. With no need for prior knowledge of HTML or CSS, WordPress is accessible to people with all levels of computer skills. The platform has been built with usability in mind, so it is intuitive and natural to use. It makes a lot of sense and allows even the most computer-shy to have their own website and up on the net within moments.

  It can be fully customized

This is one major reason why WordPress trumps other platforms. There are endless options for making a WordPress website really special and unique in its designs and functions. WordPress gives users access to thousands of themes that give your website a polished and professional design, with layout, and color schemes that are customizable. A theme can be taken and changed to suit your tastes – there are so many possibilities! For unique functions, plugins are also available to help make your WordPress website run more smoothly and offer a better user experience. Have fun with it!

  It is free

WordPress is a 100% free, open-source program, allowing everyone to join the WordPress revolution!

Why WordPress - What makes this platform popular?

 It can create any kind of website that you want

There are no limits as to what sort of website you can create with WordPress. E-commerce (online shops), blog, directories, support forums can all be quickly and professionally made by simply selecting the right theme. WordPress is creative and practical at the same time! The list of options goes on and on.

 It’s very SEO friendly

With plugins such as Yoast All-In-One SEO and WordPress SEO, your WordPress website can very efficiently become search engine optimized, giving you and your website or business the best chance of online success. WordPress is really on the side of the user and wants to help you succeed!

 It’s getting better everyday

The world of web development within WordPress is one of the most exciting on the net. Each day, new plugins, themes and custom design ideas are being developed so that your WordPress website can get better and better. Keep up with new trends and announcements by signing up to our free newsletter!

We’ve presented several reasons why WordPress should be the platform for you. If you are planning a website or blog, selecting this platform is a choice you won’t regret. Better yet, Fixrunner offer articles, video guides, and direct support to help you get the most out of WordPress.

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