How to Use Featured Images in WordPress

If you set featured images in WordPress, you can quickly change the appearance of your blog or website without making drastic stylistic alterations of changing themes. Watch the video tutorial to learn how to do this.

How to set featured images in WordPress

If you would prefer to read the steps, here’s how to set featured images in WordPress.

In your page or post editor, locate the featured image box on the bottom right of the page. Here, click Set featured image.

In the image selection menu, you can upload an image from your drive and use. Alternatively may also select one of your previously uploaded images by switching to the “Media Library” tab.

When you have selected an image, click Set Featured Image to make it the featured image for the post or page you are editing.

Remember to click Publish to make these changes live.

Fact about featured images

Did you know that featured images can add artistic value to your site and augment content? You can use featured images to draw attention to particular aspects of your website or blog, to encourage calls to action or drive leads. Have fun with it! You can upload new images from your desktop of choose to set existing pictures in your media library as featured images.

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