How to Use Categories in WordPress

Categories are an effective way for you to organize your WordPress posts to make it easier for visitors to search for content. Watch our video to see how to create categories in WordPress. This can help to add value to your WordPress website or blog!

How to create categories in WordPress

Prefer to read? Here’s a summary of what’s covered in the video.

Categories are used to organize content in your website. Let’s say you have a fashion sales website, you would want all children clothes to be in 1 category. You would also need a category for male and female clothes.

To create categories in WordPress, go to Posts > Categories in your dashboard. Next, type in the name and the slug (a url friendly version of the category name).

If you want to nest this category under another, you can select the other category as the parent. As an example, if you site sell clothes, watches, etc, the children clothes, males clothes, and female clothes categories can be under a main “Clothes” category. You can then also have a main “Watches” category and other subcategories under it.

Next, add a description and click Add New Category.

What to know before you create categories in WordPress

You can make different levels of Categories in WordPress. This is especially useful if you are creating series of categories and adding content that is related broadly. Parent categories are the broad first tier categories, while Child categories are the secondary, more specific groups.

It is wise to carefully plan out your categories so your site is organized, and easy to navigate.