How to Use Tags in WordPress

Want to know how to apply tags in WordPress? Tags are a great feature of WordPress that allow you to group together related posts. Watch our video to learn how to apply Tags to your WordPress posts and pages for maximum effect.

How to use tags in WordPress

In case you prefer to read the step, here’s how to use tags in WordPress

When creating your post, there is an expanded menu on the right labeled “Tags”. Click on this to expand it.

If you have been using tags for a while, you should already have a collection of tags. Thus, you can simply click the link labeled Choose from the most used tags and select from already existing tags.

Otherwise, you can create and add tags to the post you are working on by typing in each tag and clicking Add.

Note that although WordPress allows you add tags as you wish, it doesn’t mean you should simply add any random tags to posts. To use tags in WordPress correctly, you need to understand that they are also a way to group posts. So if your readers click on a tag, they will be taken to a page displaying all posts with that tag.

Thus, you need to have a finite number of tags and assign them meaningfully to your posts.

WordPress Fact

Did you know that Tags can help your site’s click-through rates? This is because the correct use of tags can help visitors find content by keywords. If they are able to find posts that interest them on your site, they may well spend more time looking and clicking through to both internal and external links. This may help to convert leads and drive sales. Tagging is optional but is highly recommended – you can add Tags one at a time or in groups by separating your keywords with commas. Make them as specific as possible and your readers and visitors will be able to search for your content with ease.

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