How to Manage Your Widgets in WordPress

You can manage your WordPress Widgets from the Sidebar of your Dashboard. Watch the video to learn how to modify, move or delete your Widgets.

What are WordPress Widgets

Ever wondered how some WordPress sites display number of people who have viewed a post, number of social activities on a post, and other similar data?

In many cases, these are done using WordPress widgets.

A widget is a block of code that has one function. Similar to the widgets on your mobile phone home screen, WordPress widgets can give your readers quick access to calendars, social stats, forms, images, and other important aspects.

Widgets are usually located in the left or right sidebar, and in fact, they were originally designed for just these positions.

However, modern themes now permit them to be placed just about anywhere on your site.

WordPress Fact

Did you know that you can deactivate Widgets but still keep the settings saved for later? Simply click on the “Inactive Widgets” box to take a particular Widget out of action for the timebeing. You can reverse this whenever you decide to use the Widget again – best of all is that your original saved settings will remain in place, so you don’t have to change them again.

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