wordpress plugins

What are WordPress plugins? A plugin is a bit like an app for your WordPress website. On a mobile phone for example, you can download and install apps to add more functions to your device.

Similarly, by adding WordPress plugins, you can add more functions and greater possibilities to your WordPress website.

However, WordPress plugins do not just add features. You can use them to define exactly how you want WordPress to work for you. For example, one person can use WordPress as an eCommerce store by installing the WooCommerce plugin, another might use WordPress as a Social Network by installing the Symposium plugin, etc.

Why does WordPress have plugins?

WordPress has been created to be streamlined, clean, and without “bloatware” that would slow down its functionality. Plugins allow users to add the extra features that they want, without being weighed down with those that they don’t need.

How do I know what a Plugin does?

Plugins are categorized according to their functions. For example, your core version of WordPress includes the Askimet plugin, which checks comments that visitors leave on your website against a spam database. Other plugins enhance content or functionality; some add visual features and others ramp up security, to name a few.

What are some essential WordPress plugins?

No matter what you do with you site, there are a few plugins that are likely going to be very important to you, these include:

  1. Security Plugins: These plugins help keep your site secure and protect your site from being hacked. Examples include WordFence and iThemes Security.
  2. SEO Plugins: These plugins help optimize your pages and posts to make them rank well in search engines. Examples include Yoast Plugin and All In One SEO pack plugin.
  3. Anti-Spam plugins: If your site has been online for some time, then the spam bots have likely found your message and comments sections. To protect against them, you need an anti-spam plugin like Askimet or Antispam Bee

How can I add WordPress Plugins?

For initial installation of Plugins, you can visit the Official WordPress Plugins Repository and search by functionality. Or, you can search the webs for “WordPress Plugin” to find others that may suit the type of functionality that you require. Once you have them installed, FixRunner.com can manage the updating of them for you.