The World Goes Mobile – Do You Have a Mobile Theme?

Mobile WordPress Theme

Why should you use a Mobile WordPress Theme? According to, 31% of users access WordPress-powered websites through iOS on iPad and iPhones, 30% via Android and 18% through Android tablet. Compare this to the modest 12% who access their WordPress sites via a desktop application, and you can see that the world has gone mobile with WordPress mobile themes.

What is a mobile WordPress theme?

A mobile WordPress theme is a special version of your theme than has been tweaked for mobile devices. It means that all of the functions, features and displays will operate at full functionality on mobile devices, allowing people to use your site on the go rather than when only at their PC.

Why should I worry if I don’t have a mobile WordPress theme?

If you don’t have a mobile theme, you are effectively cutting off 88% of all possible page views and site visits. That can impact massively on your website or business. A mobile WordPress theme added to your site’s standard theme will capture the lion’s share of visitors, enabling users to view and utilize your site on smartphone, mobile tablet, laptop or any other mobile device just as if they were using it from their PC. Increasingly, people are moving away from PCs altogether, so a mobile theme is essential for your site’s success.

How can I get a mobile theme?

Most WordPress themes can be easily made mobile by customization. Alternatively, companion themes (mobile versions of regular themes) can be purchased. can also help you to convert your theme from regular to mobile, through our Custom Development service.

Update: It is now quite easy to get responsive themes. These themes serve a different version of your site depending on the device used in accessing it. For a mobile device, a mobile version is served; for a desktop device, a desktop version is served, etc. We highly recommend that you use a responsive theme. Read more here: Is Your Theme Responsive?

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