Free WordPress Themes

Free WordPress Themes | The Best Free Themes of 2021

If you are wondering which free WordPress theme to use, this article is for you. See a list of the best free WordPress themes to choose from.
WordPress Theme Sites

Top 10 WordPress Theme Sites

The theme you select for your WordPress site is one of the biggest design and functionality decisions you will make for your website. Picking the right theme and making the ideal modifications to customize it is a lot of fun! suggests 10 great sites for finding the perfect theme for your WordPress website.

Is Your Theme Responsive?

Responsive themes are increasingly becoming the industry standard in WordPress web development. As so many people access the web using a variety of computer screen sizes with different resolutions devices and display settings, using a responsible theme optimizes the user’s experience of your WordPress website, however they view it.

The World Goes Mobile – Do You Have a Mobile Theme?

If you have a smartphone or mobile device, you represent the majority of WordPress users. So, it makes sense to add a mobile theme to your WordPress site so that others’ can view it on the go too.