Best WordPress Plugins

10 Best WordPress Plugins That Are Essential For Your Business

Best WordPress Plugins


In our series of “Best WordPress Plugins,” we have already covered different topics. We have talked about calendar plugins that let you organize your business events. We discussed booking plugins that will let your customers book tickets for those events.

Also, we have covered backup plugins that will save you from a lot of trouble if your website crashes. We covered best security plugins as well as best malware removal plugins that will keep your website safe, or remove any present infections.

Although we recommend you to read all those articles, it will take a lot of time. To make things easier, we will now talk about Best WordPress Plugins that you can’t pass by. Try to install at least some of them, if not all. They will improve the speed, security, SEO rating of your website, and much more. Read the article to find out more.

Best WordPress Plugins For Various Purposes

These plugins are compatible with almost all WordPress sites. We recommend these to bloggers, small businesses, freelancers and the general population that is using WordPress.


1. Jetpack WordPress Plugin

We have mentioned Jetpack several times in our articles, and for a good reason – it is a terrific plugin. It can help your WordPress website in many different ways.

Jetpack will improve security, boost traffic, optimize appearance, keeping your visitors engaged, and coming back. It is completely safe, made by Automattic, the team behind WordPress. It has free and premium features, but even if you don’t upgrade you will get a lot, and it is a must-install plugin.


2. Akismet

WordPress is the best blogging CMS, no doubt about that, but it is also a magnet for spam. If you have problems with it, or you don’t want to deal with spam in the first place, install Akismet. It is a synonym for anti-spam. This is the best plugin for removing spam comments.

Any spam comment that it finds can be later marked as “safe” by admins. It creates a status history, so you can keep track of both comments that are marked as spam, and those you have cleared to be safe. Oh, Akismet is also developed by Automattic, WordPress team, and it comes pre-installed with every new version of WordPress.

updraftplus wordpress

3. UpDraftPlus

UpDraftPlus is a name that comes up often when people talk about backup plugins for WordPress websites. It is a total backup solution, as it not only allows you to make a backup of your website, including database and files but also to restore it.

You can backup your site to popular cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Amazon S3. UpDraftPlus can also be used for duplicating sites and is capable of handling multisite and multi-networks. Setting up a backup system can be lifesaving, so don’t gamble, and do it now with UpDraftPlus.


4. iThemes Security WordPress Plugin

This security plugin will fortify your website, fixing many known and not that well-known security holes and vulnerabilities. Most WordPress websites run numerous plugins, and anyone of those carries a security risk.

You need plugins like iThemes Security to continually check up on your whole website, strengthening defenses, and telling you what to improve. A must-install plugin that will keep the bad guys away from your site.

w3 total cache

5. W3 Total Cache

Having a fast website is essential for several reasons, but mainly for user experience and SEO ranking. W3 Total Cache is one of the more popular caching plugins you can find on the WordPress market. It will improve website performance, reducing load, and download time.

It also has CDN integration and it will push the pages to render faster. W3 Total Cache is compatible with all hosting types, and fully responsive on mobile devices as it has AMP support. Great plugin!

Yoast SEO Premium

6. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is the best WordPress SEO plugin, hands down. You will find it on every single list of best WP plugins, and for many reasons. It will give everything you might need to make your site and its pages and posts more visible to search engines.

It also offers plenty of useful information about your content, helping you optimize it correctly. Furthermore, it will map your website for crawlers, making other mapping plugins obsolete. If you are looking to attract organic search traffic to your site, Yoast SEO is the plugin you use. Period!

contact form 7

7. Contact Form 7

With over five million active installations, Contact Form 7 is the most popular plugin in this category. It is simple to the core, but it is exactly what contact forms should be. With it, you can manage multiple forms, and you can customize them to your taste.

It works well with other popular services such as Akismet and CAPTCHA and is the standard when it comes to WordPress contact forms.

themify builder

8. Themify Builder

Not knowing how to code can be a problem if you want to customize your website. That is where website builders come into place. Themify Builder is the right choice for you if you want total customization of your WordPress website, without entering a line of code.

This page builder will simplify the website building process, but won’t sacrifice customization and limit the number of options like most others do. With it, you retain the total control, and your site-building experience will remain simple, but you will be able to change everything, just like if you knew how to code.

woocommerce - best wordpress plugins

9. WooCommerce – Best WordPress Plugins

Running a WordPress store is hardly imaginable without WooCommerce as it is the best WordPress eCommerce plugin. This extendable plugin will put so much firepower in your hands, enabling you to create any kind of store you wish.

From adding products with video descriptions and images to creating newsletters, memberships, and subscriptions, it gives you everything you can imagine that will help you sell both physical and digital goods. Its possibilities are endless.

In case you get stuck, you’ll be glad to know that FixRunner provides dedicated support for all WooCommerce stores.

wp smush

10. Smush Image Compression and Optimization

Often the images you upload to your WordPress website are too big or unoptimized in other ways. Smush takes care of that, and it is entirely free. This excellent plugin also lets you resize images, and you can set maximum height and width, so they get scaled-down while being optimized.

A handy plugin that will significantly reduce the size of your website, thus improving speed, and saving up hosting space. We highly recommend this plugin for image optimization.


That was our shortlist of best WordPress plugins. As you can see, in it you will find a little bit of everything. If you want detailed lists, we suggest you check our WP College.

There, you will find all of our WordPress related articles that not only give you information about the best plugins of various categories but also tell you how to solve some common WordPress issues.

Of course, if you run into any type of trouble, don’t hesitate to contact FixRunner. We will provide professional support in a timely manner, fixing any issue you have with your WordPress website.

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