Recently we got a support request from a customer that had a problem with his Woocommerce plug in. The problem was that the end user (the client) did not receive any email notification to confirm its order or pre order.

The Woocommerce plug is a very good and easy to use e-commerce plug in and it seems that this bug was causing a lot of problem to a lot of users. So after we found the solution to the problem, we decided to publish the solution in order to help other users of the plug in to get a quick solution to the problem.

Step 1


Log in to your control panel and go to: Woocommerce >> Setting >> Emails >> “Form” Email Address


How to fix email notifications on Woocommerce

Step 2


Change the email address to or any other Gmail address.


You done!

Please note the order and pre order confirmation emails will be send now to the end user only after you will confirm the order.
If you want it sent automatically to the user we recommend this plug in:

If that works for you or you have any other solutions to this problem please share with us on comments.