How to Export Orders in WooCommerce

How to Export Orders in WooCommerceIf you use WooCommerce for dropshipping, you may need to export your WooCommerce orders for dropship suppliers. You may also need to perform this activity if you are migrating your online store from WooCommerce.

In either case, you must have discovered that WooCommerce does not include a tool to export your store order data by default. Therefore, you are here because you need to know how to export WooCommerce product orders to Excel, CSV, or XML files. This guide will show you how.


  1. About WooCommerce Order Exports
  2. Steps to Export WooCommerce Orders
  3. Other Useful Plugins
  4. Conclusion

About WooCommerce Order Exports

WooCommerce provides several features to run an online store seamlessly on WordPress sites. But it doesn’t include a tool to export product data to an Excel file or other file formats such as XML files or CSV files.

This doesn’t mean you cannot perform this action on your online store. WooCommerce is an open-source project, and therefore, open-source developers can create extensions to add functionalities to WooCommerce.

To export WooCommerce products orders, you will need to install an export plugin from the WordPress plugin directory. You can use the “Advanced Order Export For WooCommerce” plugin for this purpose.

This plugin offers you the essential features to export orders from your WooCommerce store. You can use the easy drag-and-drop interface to customize your file for export, and most of these advanced features are available to you for free.

Steps to Export WooCommerce Orders

Here are the four steps you will need to follow to perform WooCommerce exports. Let’s jump in:

Step One – Install Advanced Order Export for WooCommerce Plugin

To use this plugin, you have to install it. First, log in to your WordPress admin dashboard and go to Plugins >> Add New. Thereafter, type the keyword “Advanced Order Export For WooCommerce” into the search box. This reveals the plugin as shown below.

Add new Plugin's page

Install and activate the plugin by clicking on the Install Now and Activate buttons sequentially.

Step Two – Select Date Range and Order Status to Include

Once you finish activating the plugin, you should continue to WooCommerce >> Export Orders from your WordPress dashboard menu.

WooCommerce >> Export Orders section

We’ll show you how to create an order export using the options on this page. You will also learn how to create a custom format for your export.

First, choose the date range to be included in the export.

Choose date range

On the right, select the ‘order statuses’ you want. For example, if you only want to export completed orders, remove the other options.

Select Order Statuses for woocommerce export orders

Still in that right section, you have several other filter options you can use. For example, if you only want to include orders for a particular product, expand the ‘Filter by product’ section and select that product.

You also have several filter options for other categories. Those are options such as table rate shipping for shipping, and WooCommerce PDF invoices for the invoicing.

Step Three – Select File Format and Fields to Include

Back on the left side of the screen, locate the Format option. There, you can select the file format that you want the export to be in. You can create custom XML files, CSV export, etc.

If you are creating this export in order to import it to another system, that system documentation would tell you the required file format.

Select File Format for woocommerce export orders

Next, you should select the fields you want to include in the export. To do this, expand the ‘Set up fields to export’ option.

By default, all fields are shown here. Go ahead to delete fields you don’t need from the options.

Delete unwanted fields 

Step Four – Export Your WooCommerce Orders

After selecting your fields, click Export to download the file. A custom export will be created and downloaded to your system.

Click Export to download your WooCommerce orders

You can open the exported data to review the orders therein, and then proceed to use it for dropshipping, or any other purpose you exported it for.

Other Plugins for Exporting WooCommerce Orders

The plugin we explained above is excellent for exporting your orders. However, if you have any issues with it, here are some other plugins to try out:

WooCommerce – Store Exporter

You can use the Store Exporter plugin to export your WooCommerce store orders.

WooCommerce - Store Exporter plugin

Similar to the Advanced Order Export For WooCommerce plugin, you can export customer orders, products, categories, and WordPress user data into an excel spreadsheet and other file formats.

It has a quick export feature that allows you to easily export your store metadata into an excel spreadsheet or XML format, thereby saving you time.

You can also customize fields for each export type by applying export filters. It integrates with 125+ related WordPress plugins, so you can provide more features to your plugin for added functionalities.

This plugin is actively maintained by a group of developers. So you can be sure of its support for the latest release of WooCommerce and WordPress, as well as regularly updated features.

One of such features is the ability to schedule your export. You can also create WooCommerce custom export templates that are reusable. This will save you the trouble of customizing the settings for different export files.

The premium version of the plugin gives you several other advanced features if you find the free version limiting.

Order Export for WooCommerce

This plugin is another tool that allows you to export your WooCommerce orders to CSV and Excel formats.

Order Export for WooCommerce plugin

It has an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that makes the plugin easy to use.

Like the Advanced Order Export For WooCommerce plugin, this plugin provides you with several options to apply filters and get a fine-tuned list for your WooCommerce export.

JEM Order Export & More

You can also create automated or scheduled exports, and customize the export field values to include just the data you need.


Exporting WooCommerce order data can be necessary when migrating your store from WooCommerce. If you use WooCommerce for dropshipping, you may need to share order details with dropship suppliers.

WooCommerce doesn’t include a tool to do this by default, but we have shown you how to do this using a free WordPress plugin. In addition, we shared other plugins you can use to export WooCommerce orders easily.

We do hope that you found this guide helpful. If so, kindly share it with others that you think might benefit from it.

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