8 Best Internal Linking Plugins For WordPress

8 Best Internal Linking Plugins For WordPressAre you looking for the best internal linking plugin for your WordPress site? As a website owner, you constantly aim to boost your site’s SEO rankings.

Internal links are one of the many ways to improve your SEO. Having internal links on your website increases user engagement. When users spend time on your website, it reduces bounce rate, which improves SEO.

Further, internal links make it easy for search engine bots to crawl your site, which can do good for your SEO too.

However, it can be tedious and time-consuming when you have to interlink your pages manually. For this reason, you need a WordPress plugin for internal linking.

In this article, we will review the best internal linking plugins for WordPress sites. Before that, here is a brief introduction to internal linking and why it matters.


Internal Links and Their Importance

The term internal link refers to hyperlinks that take users from one page of a website to another within the same site. You can also say they are links that connect related pages/posts on the same web page. Here is an example of an internal link.

internal linking example

In the image above, we are linking to an internal article that explains the block editor. When users click on the link, it will take them to that post.

Having internal links on your site is vital for the following reasons:

1. Boost SEO and Search Rankings

As we stated, internal links improve user engagement and reduce bounce rate. A low bounce rate is an important ranking factor.

As your website gets bigger, and the number of pages increases, there is a tendency for some important posts to get buried in the wave of content. Using internal links helps visitors to find those old posts and rank them.

Internal links also make it easier for crawlers to discover and index your content, which is good for SEO too.

2. Improve User Experience

Another reason why internal links are vital for the success of your site is they improve user experience. These links draw user attention to other relevant content on your website.

This way, they can dig deeper into a topic of interest. Further, the links provide users with the means to navigate your site with ease.

3. Increase User Conversion

Internal links are also helpful in promoting products on your WooCommerce store. On a blog post, you can use links to nudge a visitor to a product page. You can also use the links to direct them to the checkout, contact, or delivery page.

8 Best Internal Linking Plugins For WordPress

Now that you know how important internal links are to your website, the next step is to find the best way to add them.

You can insert the links manually, and WordPress provides an easy way to do this. However, going the manual route can be time-consuming.

This is where an internal linking plugin comes in. They provide suggestions on internal links to add to your website. Some of these plugins can also insert internal links automatically to your page. Let us review 8 best internal linking plugins and their features.

Internal Link Juicer

Internal Link Juicer plugin

Price: Freemium.

The Internal Link Juicer plugin is a freemium plugin with in-depth linking features. This open-source plugin helps you automatically build links in your content.

To auto-generate links, you will need to enter the focus keywords and phrases in the plugin’s settings page. This way, you can create more internal links without manually adding links every time you write a new article.

The plugin comes with a blacklist and whitelist feature. With this feature, you can blacklist posts that won’t contain generated links and whitelist posts that you’ll use for interlinking.

Additionally, the plugin lets you customize link outputs, limit the number of links per post, and diversify anchor texts.

The internal Link Juicer plugin provides awesome features to build internal links quickly. The plugin is suitable for bloggers, businesses, affiliates, and agencies.

The free version of this plugin works well for small websites. But to access more features, you need to buy the premium plugin. Pricing starts at $69.99 for a single site license.

Link Whisper

Link Whisper plugin

Price: Basic plan is Free. $77/year to access the auto-linking feature.

Link Whisper is an excellent internal linking tool. It is powered by artificial intelligence, which enables it to give automatic link suggestions for your WordPress posts. The plugin then automatically creates internal links for the posts.

This powerful plugin also comes with other useful features. For example, it lets you choose words you want to ignore when generating internal links.

Further, it provides an account of the number of internal links available on your site. On the report page, you will see the posts with and without internal links. This helps you to know which post to update.

The Link Whisper plugin is easy to use and is compatible with the Classic and Gutenberg Block editor.

The basic plugin is free, but you have to copy and paste the link suggestions it generates manually. You’d need the premium plugin to enjoy more features, such as smart automatic linking to automate the process.

Keywords to Links Converter

Keywords to Link Converter plugin

Price: Basic plugin is Free (limited). The premium plugin costs $49.

Keywords to Links Converter offers a simple way to manage your keywords. It handles the tasks of inserting internal links in your post and managing your target keywords.

This plugin comes with a feature that enables you to automatically insert affiliate links each time you create a blog post. You can also assign a ‘dofollow’ or ‘nofollow’ attribute to your links. This can be useful when adding affiliate links so search engines know whether or not to transfer link juice to the external website.

Additionally, the plugin comes with a feature that lets you set the auto-link letters to be case-sensitive for better understanding and precise replacement. You can also limit the times the plugin will convert a keyword to an internal link per post.

Keywords to Links Converter is a free plugin. But to access the internal linking feature, you need to buy the premium plugin, which costs $49.

Yoast Internal Linking

Yoast SEO plugin

Price: $99/year for a single site license.

Yoast SEO is one of the most popular SEO plugins for WordPress. It is an all-in-one SEO tool that helps you optimize your website and content to rank on search engines. The plugin also supports internal linking, but the feature is only available to premium users.

Note that Yoast SEO does not automatically insert links. Instead, it provides a link suggestion tool. The tool scans your content while writing or editing, then suggests related blog posts from your site to improve your links. Also, you can easily drag the link into the post editor to insert it into your content.

With Yoast SEO, you can see an overview of your post content, including information such as the number of internal text links in your post. It will also recommend the total number of internal links you should add to the post.

Other features included in this plugin offer keyword optimization, readability check, and redirections manager. To access all of these features, you need to pay a yearly fee of $99.

To learn more about this plugin, check our complete guide on how to use Yoast SEO in WordPress.

All In One SEO (AIOSEO) – Internal Link Assistant

AIOSEO plugin

Price: $124/year for a single site.

AIOSEO is another powerful and popular SEO plugin for WordPress users. It is trusted by over 3 million people. This plugin has a link assistant feature that helps you build better internal links with recommendations.

With this feature, you will not need to search for related posts manually. The link assistant provides suggestions you can link to while editing a post. You can also see reports about your internal links and know where to improve.

Further, AIOSEO will show you orphaned pages without links. So you can add links to help users and search engines find those pages.

With this plugin, you get a number of on-page SEO optimization features. It conducts an SEO audit checklist on your site, optimizes for rich snippets, and much more. You can also create XML sitemaps and notify search engines of updates on your site and content.

To access the link suggestion tool and other advanced features, you will need a premium plan.

Rank Math – Internal Link Suggestion

Rank Math plugin

Price: Free.

Rank Math plugin has earned its place as one of the best plugins for websites to achieve good SEO rankings. Although the plugin does not automatically create links in your posts, it helps you improve your internal linking strategy.

Rank Math does this by analyzing your website for internal links and suggesting links to add. It provides link suggestions as you write in your WordPress editor. So you simply copy the link and paste it into your text.

Rank Math integrates with Google trends tool to check search trends for potential keywords and compare them.

The best part about Rank Math is it is free to download and use. So you will be getting access to its linking suggestion and other SEO features for free. However, they have other advanced features available in their pro plugin to help boost your website ranking.

Inline Related Posts

Inline Related Posts plugin

Price: Free. Pro starts at $47/year.

The Inline Related Posts plugin adds related links differently than the previous plugins. Rather than inserting links in a post, it automatically puts related post boxes inside your content. This feature helps to capture a reader’s attention, thus driving traffic to other posts on your website.

The plugin provides over 20 combinations for displaying these boxes, and they are customizable. This way, you can style the boxes to catch your reader’s eye.

With its free version, you can add up to three related posts to your content. To add more, you will have to upgrade to the paid version.

The Inline Related Posts plugin also comes with a robust algorithm that detects grammatical rules in your posts. It then inserts suitable boxes into the post.

Adding related posts to your content with this plugin helps boost user engagement. That will reduce bounce rate and increase your page views.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP)

YARPP plugin

Price: Free.

YARPP is slightly similar to the Inline Related Posts plugin we saw above. The plugin adds related post boxes at the bottom of your content.

This popular plugin comes with an algorithm that uses post categories, tags, body, and title data to create matches. Once the matches have been made, the plugin will add them below your post content as related posts.

YARPP is pretty easy to install and works on all post types. It also has an advanced template system that allows you to control how the related posts are displayed. For example, you can display related posts on the sidebar using the YARPP widget.

Although this plugin is popular, it is wise to note that it is incompatible with the WPML plugin. It also requires more server resources for large websites. This can affect your website speed if not properly managed. To optimize performance, the plugin includes a smart caching feature that makes querying the database fast and efficient.

However, before installing the plugin, be sure your web server can accommodate the requests the plugin generates.


To sum up, internal linking is important in building SEO and boosting search rankings. If you have important articles buried in your post archives, you can bring them back to life using internal links. By using internal linking plugins, you can easily insert and manage links on your WordPress site.

If you run a WordPress blog, you’d no doubt know time is of the essence. You can save time by getting a plugin to do the hard work for you.

We have reviewed 8 best internal linking plugins for WordPress websites in this guide. Go through the list and choose the one best suited for your business.

The Internal Link Juicer is perfect for online beginners because you can automatically interlink your content with the free plan. If you want to upgrade, their pricing is pocket friendly.

Ideally, if you already use an SEO plugin such as Yoast or Rank Math, you can use their link suggestion feature to create your internal links. This would save you from installing additional plugins on your website.

Internal linking is just one way to increase SEO and site traffic. To learn more ways, check our complete guide on how to drive traffic to your WordPress site.

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