Top Eight WooCommerce B2B Plugins

Top Eight WooCommerce B2B Plugins

The WooCommerce plugin comes out of the box with features to create a great eCommerce site. However, it does not come with all the features to create a WooCommerce B2B store.

So, how do I create a B2B website in WordPress?

To create a B2B store on WooCommerce, you must install WooCommerce B2B plugins.

In this post, we will provide you with the top eight WooCommerce B2B plugins you can use to create an online B2B store.


B2B in WooCommerce and its Features

WooCommerce Business to Business (B2B) is an eCommerce deal between two businesses.

It can be between a manufacturer and a wholesaler, or a wholesaler and retailer.

B2B eCommerce is different from B2C (Business to Customers). This is because the B2B enables you to handle bulky orders and higher transactions.

The WooCommerce plugin already handles a B2C service. But with a B2B, you will need to use a plugin.

WooCommerce B2B plugins help you handle complex eCommerce features. Some of them include:

Complex Product Catalog

A WooCommerce B2B plugin enables you to create custom product catalogs. This allows you to set different prices for different buyers. It also simplifies the order process.

Large Wholesale Orders

With a WooCommerce B2B business comes large/bulky orders. So having a B2B plugin equips you with features to handle large orders.

Complex Shipping

B2B businesses deal with bulky orders from businesses in various countries. As a result, shipping can be tough to organize. B2B plugins allow you to calculate shipping costs before sale with ease.

Quotes and Invoices

B2B transactions aren’t as straightforward as B2C transactions. In B2B deals, companies often provide quotations to their customers.

This is to enable them to cater to the different needs and conditions of their customers. Customers, in turn, can ask for invoices which can serve as a different checkout process.

Inventory Management

This is another aspect a WooCommerce B2B plugin handles. B2B websites often have massive orders to take care of. Thus, effective inventory management is vital to maintain product stock.

Best WooCommerce B2B Plugins

WooCommerce B2B


Price: $99 for a regular license.

One of the most popular B2B plugins is the WooCommerce B2B plugin by code4lifeitalia. This powerful plugin comes with tools to enable you to build a B2B WooCommerce store.

The WooCommerce B2B plugin provides you with features to create a B2B store. Its features include diversified price lists and custom registration forms.

The plugin provides a quotation system for customers to make a quote request. Further, you can create customer groups and offer price and tax exemption to these groups.

Customers can get discounts based on their cart quantity. The plugin also prevents a customer from making a new order if there are previous unpaid ones.

WooCommerce B2B allows you to set custom amounts and packaging fees. The plugin also offers control of payments and shipping methods.

WooCommerce B2B centers on performance, security and compatibility. With a one-time and affordable payment, you get a lifetime of updates.

B2B eCommerce for WooCommerce


Price: $99/yr.

B2B eCommerce is another great WooCommerce B2B plugin. It enables you to convert your site to a B2B store. The plugin allows you to handle wholesale requirements for a WooCommerce store.

With B2B eCommerce, customers can create custom quotation requests. Customers can also select their preferred products and quantities and negotiate on price.

The plugin also provides an intuitive interface for customers to manage quotes.

B2B eCommerce enables you to create a customer-level pricing structure. Thus, you will be able to set custom pricing for each customer.

Further, the plugin allows you to create custom payment methods for individual customers.

This way, customers can create a special payment contract with your business. They will also be able to select their terms upon checkout.

WooCommerce Wholesale Pro

WooCommerce Wholesale Pro plugin

Price: $99/yr for a single plugin. Two plugin bundles cost $149.

Wholesale Pro is a B2B plugin with features for wholesale stores. With it, users are able to run a wholesale and retail store separately. The plugin also provides features customized to each user group.

WooCommerce Wholesale Pro provides features every WooCommerce B2B site owner will need. The plugin allows you to create unlimited wholesale user roles.

Its flexible pricing option allows you to assign each role its unique pricing. You can also set up global or category-based percentage discounts for individual products.

With WooCommerce Wholesale Pro, you can enable taxes on public consumers. You can also disable taxes for your wholesalers.

Further, the plugin comes with features like order tracking, bulk order forms, and more.

The plugin also has a great order management system. This enables you to manage customer’s orders with ease.

B2B for WooCommerce


Price: $149/yr.

B2B Extension for WooCommerce is built with features from 5 best-selling WooCommerce B2B extensions. It provides you with comprehensive features to create a great B2B eCommerce store.

The plugin allows you to create custom B2B registration forms with 14 fields. This will enable you to collect extra information from your customers.

You can also adjust product visibility by user roles. This means you can hide/show products and categories from specific user roles.

The plugin comes with a tiered pricing feature that allows you to set prices for different users.

You can also set a custom limit to the order quantity for each user role.

Wholesale Suite

Wholesale Suite plugin

Price: $297 for a single site license.

The Wholesale Suite plugin is a complete solution for WooCommerce B2B stores. The plugin combines features from three different plugins. This enables you to create a complete wholesale store.

Wholesale Suite comes with powerful plugins. These plugins are:

Wholesale Prices Plugin

This plugin lets you manage wholesale rates and small sale amounts. You can also create different levels of pricing based on the order quantity.

The plugin lets you control tax and shipping rates and payment gateways for each user role.

Wholesale Order Form Plugin

With this plugin, you can display your products in a one-page catalog mode. These catalogs are responsive and come with an advanced search and filter option.

This helps your customers find products quickly.

Wholesale Lead Capture

This plugin enables you to create a registration form, login, and thank you pages. All these come with built-in spam protection to block spammers.

The plugin automatically adds approved users to an appropriate wholesale user role.

Further, it provides different customizable email templates. This can be sent to registered users.

The plugin is also compatible with most WordPress themes and plugins.

B2BKing – Ultimate WooCommerce Wholesale and B2B Solution

B2BKing plugin - WooCommerce B2B

Price: Basic features are free. Premium costs $199.50.

The B2BKing is an advanced plugin with features dedicated to WooCommerce B2B and hybrid stores. B2BKing comes with features that allow B2B sellers to run their businesses efficiently.

The plugin allows you to categorize your customers and set different prices for them. You will also be able to set different payment/shipping methods for each customer.

The plugin allows you to create registration forms and custom billing fields. It also comes with features to handle negotiated price offers and invoice payments.

Further, you can create as many registration roles as you wish. You can set the registration approval process to be manual or automatic.

B2BKing lets you control your product visibility. This allows you to hide product categories and prices from specific users.

This feature allows you to show your wholesale prices to certain groups. It also allows you to hide wholesale prices from guest users.

B2BKing comes with an in-built conversation feature. This allows customers to interact with site administrators. Customers can also make a quote request using the conversation feature.


WholesaleX plugin - WooCommerce B2B

Price: Basic features are free. Premium starts at $129.

WholesaleX is a simple-to-use plugin that provides a complete solution to create a WooCommerce B2B store. Its simple interface makes it easy to set up and manage your wholesale business.

WholesaleX provides a dynamic pricing feature. The plugin adjusts product prices based on different factors. You can also create different prices for different customer groups.

The WholesaleX plugin allows you to create unlimited user roles for your customers.

Each user role will have its own set of permissions. Thus, you will be able to handle a wide range of customers and boost sales and profits.

Additionally, the plugin comes with its own custom form builder. With it, you will be able to create a registration and billing form for your customers.

These forms enable you to collect customers’ contact, shipping, and order information.

Further, the plugin provides you with a Custom Bulk Order Form. With this form, your customers are able to generate bulk order lists. They can also place orders immediately.

Wholesale X also comes with a digital wallet feature known as the WholesaleX Wallet. This feature allows you to create a digital wallet for your wholesale customers.

The wallet allows your customers to deposit money to buy products from your store. You can also offer special prices/deals to customers that use this wallet.


Whols plugin - WooCommerce B2B

Basic features are free. The pro version costs $79/yr for a website.

Whols plugin comes with powerful features for wholesale stores. The plugin enables online stores to set custom wholesale prices for their products.

Whols requires your wholesalers to complete a registration form. This is to enable them to access exclusive rates. The plugin also allows you to review and approve a wholesaler’s request.

The plugin’s free version provides basic features to get your wholesale store up and running.

You will be able to assign wholesale roles for your customers and set the amount of products they want to buy.

The plugin also allows you to show/hide retailer prices from your wholesalers. You can also provide coupon codes to your retailers.

To extend the plugin’s functionality, you can upgrade to its premium version.

The pro version allows you to create and manage unlimited user roles. You will also be able to set prices based on product category and user role.

Further, the plugin lets you control your customer’s payment method. It also allows you to restrict wholesale store access.

Whols is a great tool to integrate wholesale prices into your WooCommerce B2B store.


In this article, we have listed eight different plugins that work to create a WooCommerce B2B website. We also listed some of their key features to help you choose the best.

Finally, running a WooCommerce store requires a strong security system. This is because you will be dealing with lots of customer data.

So to avoid any security breach, you should protect your WooCommerce site from vulnerabilities. You can check our article on WooCommerce vulnerabilities and how to deal with them.

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